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I have 100K to invest - but as we might move at some stage, I need easy access to the money - not that keen on notice accounts, as I would probably forget to give notice ;D So probably needs to be easy access.

Any thoughts?


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    Hi there

    Check out https://www.moneyfacts.co.uk It will have top paying Instant Access accounts.

    Beware that some have 6 month introductory bonuses which you may opt for if you are going to be moving soon.

    Val :)
  • typically, you will earn a higher rate of interest by placing your funds in an internet operated account, supposedly due to lower operating costs etc

    if you are a couple put the funds in the name of the person who has the most favourable tax status. if a non tax payer then complete an IR 85 form if you think that the ineterst income earned form this 100mk holding will not result in that person earning over their personal income tax allowance in the current tax year.
    happy hunting
    No reliance should be placed on the above.
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