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Direct Debit

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raybo_2raybo_2 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights
can i have advise please.

i have been led to belive that i had been paying a diret debit from my acount for 1 year it was towards a hire of a hall which is run through the council,and every month they sent a statment and a sheet stating that it would be taken from my bank,to cut a long storie short they rang today to say that i hadnt paid a direct debit for one year,where do i stand on this,it was a hall hire for 3 session a week boxercise,this will add up to over 1000 and though i said i would get back to them.i am not sure if i can pay


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  • dacouchdacouch Forumite
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    You owe them the money, they could argue that you should have been leaving that portion of money in your account each month to pay for it so give it to us now. Probably best approach would be to ask them to allow you to pay them back over instalments
  • Sounds like you owe them the money, if the direct debit hasn't been coming out it's still your responsibility to make sure you're paying.
  • lindos90lindos90 Forumite
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    You could check with your bank to see if the DD was ever set up, or if it was not set up correctly and thats why its not been taken out.

    It may be that the direct debit is set up your end, and the collecting bank has not done its job proerly.

    I would also query why its taken them a whole year before they have contacted you about not recieving payments, why on earth would they send you out a monthy invoice each month if it was not coming out.

    However yes, I guess you still owe the money, and unfortunatly due to an error somewhere, its now one big bill rather than a small monthly chunk.

    If it is an administration error or banking error there may be some room to negotiate payment, but you would need to know where the communictaion broke down and whos responsible.
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