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Can I go a month without spending anything?

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  • Great challenge mylastfiver, may well join you - so will be watching with interest. I say go the whole hog and go for the month!
    I've been doing survey sites like crazy so I have enough vouchers to cover anything unexpected (birthdays, etc).

    Might sound daft but on the weekly shop I'm going to include treats for child as it's one of those things if we go into the offie for one pack of sweets for her we end up spending a fortune on other junk for us - up to a fiver every time - if I get obvious things like this under control I could save a fortune.

    Will walk to relatives houses/town over the weekend to save petrol (may even get fed while we're there) and try and talk husband to join me and get him to take the bike to work. Wish me luck on that one mind!
  • ThinkingOfLinkingThinkingOfLinking Forumite
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    Being realistic, I cannot go a month without spending anything but I have learnt to cut costs and be more sensible. I only go out if I have to, and often walk instead of taking the bus. I bulk buy items and get the reduced stuff a the supermarket which I then freeze. I still have very little to spend but it means that if I am sensible most of the time, I can afford the odd bit of naughtiness, like I am turning down a shift at work so I can see friends...that sort of thing.
  • TurnaroundSueTurnaroundSue Forumite
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    My whole life changed 2 years ago when there was the Unnecessary Challenge. It was for lent and the challenge was not to be anything UNNCESSARY for the whole 40 days and I did it.... I only went and bl**dy did it!!!! For the first time in years I had money in the bank, changed my whole outlook on how I saw money and 18 months after that I became debt free. Am still debt free 6 months on, now have savings and a healthy approach to money. For me, the Unnecessary Challenge was the best challenge I have ever done and it turned my life around.

    Go for it and I will be watching with interest how you all get on on your journey.
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  • :confused: Yes it has been a while since I have been on here because I am so ashamed of my spending over the last 3 months!!! So much for getting it under control.

    So here are my personal spendtight targets;-

    Spend no more than £10 on myself/kids luxuries during the whole of March!
    Spend no more than £5 on myself/kids luxuries during the whole of April!
    Spend nothing on myself/kids luxuries during May!

    Lets see how this goes ....... eeek!:p
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    I allow my self £10 per week for spending, often don't spend that amount (food and bills aside) so every Monday I just top my £10 up.

    Last week I only spent £2.56!!!

    I refuse to buy newspapers on any day of the week, you can read online / watch news on telly.
    :) Sun, Sea :)

  • Hi all, I have been a long time lurker and this my first post, but i just wanted to ask ad9898 what did you spend your money on when you did slip?

    Also what a great challenge!! I think im going to try but with a tenner a week as im still new to this MoneySaving malarky.

    Keep up with all the inspiring posts everyone and good luck

    sala x
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  • BuffythedebtslayerBuffythedebtslayer Forumite
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    oooooooo this thread was in the e mail! how exciting ! We have to do it properly now!!

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