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February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • carolt2carolt2 Forumite
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    Evening everyone, just caught up with thread.

    Would like to declare at £144.08 for this challenge

    Can I be put down for £150 again for march,

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  • rebreb Forumite
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    31 days in March so please can you put me down for £230. As I have gone over this month :cool: I am going £10 less than I would normally.

    I'm not ready to declare for February just yet. But heyhoo I have loads on the shelves.

    One of my problems is I have started to take an old friend shopping on Thursday mornings and I tend to be buying things I don't 100% need at that precise time, but they are long lasters and are in the store. I love my store, I always have stuff for emergencies and unexpected times.

    :confused: Must try harder! :confused: Must try harder! :confused:
    I don't get to come on here too often.
    Too buzy money saving!
  • nickynoo08nickynoo08 Forumite
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    Evening all, foung my missing recipt. Ended up £25.87 over budget so not as bad as thought. Can you put me down for £150 for march please mrsM. My month will run from the 1st of march till 31st for me, OH and ds.
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  • Saw this deal in Co op for Knorr Stock pot pack of 4 for 86p - normal price £1.30

    They are like concentrated jelly stock. I know there is cheaper ways of making stocks but for pure convienience I thought it was worth a try.

    Made a delicious onion soup out of it that was delicious, cheap, easy and healthy.

    Recipe for a litre of Onion soup.

    Ingredients - a load of onions = cheap
    2 Knorr stock pots = 43p - we used the Beef stockpot.
    Butter - enough for frying - Anchor butter is on offer at Lidl for 76p at moment.
    water = cheap!!
    Salt and pepper for seasoning


    Chop onions roughly - we chopped and sliced for a bit of variation. Apparently swimming goggles are the best if this gets you!!

    Melt butter in a large pan / casserole and slowly sweat onions until soft. Meanwhile boil kettle and make up the stock mix - this makes 1 litre.

    Pour over onions and slowly cook for another 30 - 40 mins.

    Season with lots of black pepper and serve. A bit of crusty bread with melted cheese tops this off nicely.

    I know that this is a pretty basic recipe but for ease and cheapness it goes down really well. Made about 8 decent portions and would also make a nice base for casseroles etc.

    HTH :o
  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    Hi everyone

    Have already started my March budget as I did my big once a month supermarket shop this evening and spent nearly half my budget! Never mind - the freezer is full and as it's Lent there won't be any alcohol or chocolate to buy!

    Nearly had a fit though when I finished shopping as I phoned DH to remind him to put the shepherd's pie I had had prepared in the oven and switch on the pan with the swede I had prepared this morning only for him to say - oh I've already put it in the oven at 5-o-clock (this was at 6.20 pm!) I was so cross - how could he be so stupid? We had discussed the timings before I left for work this morning (he works from home)and he was supposed to take it out of the fridge at 5 and wait for me to call when I left the supermarket to to tell him to put it in the oven. I had visions of it being burnt to a cinder and I was so hungry! Fortunately, I had covered the dish with foil and he didn't take this off before putting it in the oven so the top didn't burn, just the bottom! It was edible -just. Why don't men listen? And he never cooks - even though I work full time i still do all the shopping, cooking and most of the chores -my own fault I know as I spoilt him when we were first married. Sorry rant over - steam is still coming out of my ears though!

    Off for a soak in along hot bath!

  • Evening everyone :hello:

    Not posted this week but still trying to keep up with reading...

    Payday for me tomorrow, Mrs Mc, so would like to declare please £166.38 for FEB so that's £16.38 over for the month. A bit disappointed I have to say, but I hadn't really accounted for half-term. Also, had I got my finger out and taken packed lunches all month (as I have been promising since January!), I would have saved £18.50 :mad: and would have been under budget!!

    So, I'd like to try again for MARCH - £150 please.

    Well done to everyone else :T and thanks for all the great tips :T
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  • Bought the M&S Meal for £10 today so I have added that to my running total. Still ahead of my monthly target for February though.
    I wanna be Mortgage Free by February 2013
  • Im declaring £319.30 for February which is an underspend of £60.70. :j

    My target for March is £320.
    I used to suffer from lack of motivation.... now I just can't be arsed.

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  • TheBees are declaring at £30 over budget. :mad:

    Please put us down for £350 for March please.
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  • Would like to declare at £104.29 for Feb MrsM. Must try harder! But as I'm getting closer, I'll lower it to £95 for March. Esp as I've just had a mega huge gas bill arrive!! :eek: Although in my defence, -9degrees is bloody cold so I'm allowed an extra blast of heating!

    A strange question I know, but on the whole toilet roll front, what's the best bargain?? I'm off for the big shop tomorrow so any recommendations will be gladly received!! :rotfl:
    My name is CherryPie and I'm addicted to grocery shopping!!

    Grocery Challenge

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