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  • Just calculated that both of those offers were exactly 71% of the average of the remaining two amounts, must be some flaw in the program :confused:
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    $54,000 deal when I only had $500 in my case.

    It wouldn't be that way in real life!!
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    Anybody play the free web competition to win money at the end of the show?

    If so, don't waste your time re-typing your information every time, do it once and that's it. How I hear to shout?

    Fill the details in the first entry and submit as normal. When you get the message back about either being 'succesful' or 'sorry not this time', simply move your mouse slowly up to just above this message and until mouse cursor changes to a white arrow. At this point right click the mouse and select rewind from the menu. If by magic the screen is auto filled (rewound) and you press submit again.

    This will not increase your changes of winning but will decrease the time it takes to re-fill the form out by 100%.

    The game is closed at the moment so if you try the message will be different but the right click will still work so give it a pratice before the game starts.

    Good luck

    If only I had a pound for every time I used the thanks button :D
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    Thanks that was a good tip saves a lot of time
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  • Hi just tried it love it couldnt get off boys im a rich girl now ha
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    Oh so clever!

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    won the 250,000 twice now if only it wos real money
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    Dead easy when it's not real eh?!
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    Dealt at forty grand, had fiver in box!
    :rotfl: There's no point in doing anything where money and winning aren't involved.:rotfl:
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  • agreed at £133,000, had £750 in box!

    Take that banker!
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