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February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • I've just updated my signature. I have felt a bit out of control the last few weeks...not posting when I get back from the shops, which is a little dangerous. I've calculated the spend via my online bank account, so there may be a few 'cash' spends missing. That's the danger, of course, with not dealing with this in real time.

    I went to Mr A last week for the first time in ages and I have to say, I didn't think much of it. I think I've become too attached to Mr S combined with FF and the other Mr A (Aldi).

    Strange, isn't it, how we all get into habits.. monthly budget was £320/227.82 (so far, but going shopping again today...will update on my return!).
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    fatcattaff, have you though of using a small notebook or diary so you can jot your spends down as you go? I keep all my receipts in the back of my purse, when I get home I write them in my diary and then I have it all recorded to updated my spending diary on line. I couldn't be with out my notebook now.
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  • Hi all, my weekly shopping budget at the mo is £70 this includes nappies (for 1 and a 1/2 kids - daughter only wears on a night) and wipes. I shop at Sainsburys as I only have Tesco and Sainsburys in my town and I think Sains has better offers on fresh produce i.e. fruit, veg and meat. Do you think my budget is reasonable? I have to feed me and OH and a 19 month old and three year old(they eat same meals as us). I am trying to get budget down to £60 or even £50 per week do you think this is doable. I buy a large pack of own brand nappies every two weeks and two packs of wipes in about two weeks. Any help would be apprecaited as the extra 10-20 quid pm would certainly come in useful. xx

    BY THE WAY WOULD LIKE TO SET MY SHOPPING BUDGET FOR £280 THIS MONTH AND HAVE SPENT ABOUT 200 THIS MONTH - Actually have £50 Sains vouchers from ipoints so that will pay for next weeks shop.
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    Spent today catching up with MSE, updating spending diary etc. Been out of touch what with moving house, OH upgrading computer & me adjusting to 1st week of being a SAHM whilst OH works away from home 3 days aweek.

    I was pleased to realise that we have spent £185 of our grocery budget, would have tought it would have been more/blown. 8 days to go, we can do it. Plan to increase our fruit box and maybe the veg box next week as a one off, but we will still be in budget.
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    Updating my totals and was pleasantly surprised by how little I spent this week ,about £39.I have been trying to be more creative with what I have in and substituting ingredients rather than nipping out for the missing item and it certainly seems to be paying off.

    BIGMUMMA my potatoe bake had to include the items I found lurking in the fridge so...

    3 baking potatoes, desprouted,peeled and cut into quarters.Boiled for 10 minutes till just done.
    Made up a thin white sauce then grated most of a lump of forgotten smoky cheddar.Added in the 4 spring onions in the corner of the salad drawer sliced thinly.
    The cooled pots were thinly sliced and put in a deep dish,seasoned generously then the sauce was poured over the top.The remaining cheese was sprinkled on and I baked for 30 mins at 180.HTH
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    Ok - so again - lost the plot a bit this month

    Have got £65.60 left until the end of the month.

    Plan to shop Sunday this week and Monday next week. Used to do this before (don't know why I stopped!!) and then read it again on here I think.

    so - wish me luck!! - will update after Sunday shop

    Take care

    Coolmum. xx
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  • Well, I am ready to declare. My total for February is £499.09. I am quite pleased with that for my first time doing the challenge, £29.99 over. I really had very little idea how much I spent. That was for 2 adults and four children, ages 14,11,10 & 6. My freezer is full now and I still have some fish to be delivered on Wednesday.

    For March £450, please. Thanks.
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    Soon to be mummy again due date 10/09/2009 :T


    Congrats smiler!
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  • Woo! Finally all caught up with the thread :) Hugs to anyone who's struggling at the moment, big pat on the back for those who are winning the battle between budgets and rising prices.

    8 days to go and £15.75 of my budget left :eek: Hopefully do-able though, as there is very little I need to buy next week (will have to pick up some taters tomorrow tho as forgot them when I popped in Mr T today :rolleyes:)

    I've spent about £70 of this month's budget on meat - a meat box from the organic butchers and some other bits from the farm shop at a free range pig farm I found that's not too far from work. There's quite a bit of this in the freezer that will be carried over to next month, so I'm happy that we can keep on buying our meat from these places without it busting the budget.

    Quick question for the people who buy huge sacks of potatoes - how do you keep them? Or do you use them up really quickly? I only ever buy a couple of kilos at a time, but I find my potatoes always seem to sprout after a few days, even though I put them in a special bag that's supposed to make them keep longer.

    Seem to remember my Mum used to buy potatoes by the sack when I was a kid and keep them in the cellar (along with my brother, when he was naughty LOL). Maybe I should try keeping them in the garage.

    Hmmm, the potato bake recipe a few posts back has reminded me I've not had twice-baked potatoes for ages. Must work them into the meal plan for next month. (If anyone fancies trying them - bake a potato then cut in half lengthways and scoop out the insides. Mash this up in a bowl and add some grated cheese, finely chopped spring onions and finely chopped ham or cooked bacon. Pile the mix back into the potato skin and pop them back in the oven until piping hot and golden - they are delicious!:p)

    Just mentioned to OH, who's next to me on his pc, that we'll have twice baked potatoes soon. He now looks like this :D
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  • Evening all. I managed to stay out of the shops today so a NSD for me today -just as well after yesterday. I did a nice beef curry for dinner tonight followed by a lemon curd sponge. So that's today done and dusted. Might have to have another little shop tomorrow though.

    egon -congratulations!
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