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Best Deal kitchen Units

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madeinchinamadeinchina Forumite
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Cheap kitchen units?

Can anyone point me to the best offers, or have I missed them?

:beer: Think positive !:beer:


  • Homebase and wickes still have sales on
  • i_love_iti_love_it Forumite
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    I am currently considering these although i haven't physically viewed them
  • Hi all. My first post but I felt obliged to reply to this one first.

    I bought a kitchen from Wren Kitchens and I'm very impressed. I ended up going with Owen which is a light oak solid wood one. The quality is super and I can't get over the price. I ended paying just over £2800 for the full lot of cabinets (16 in total). I priced up something similar at B&Q and Wren ended up being loads cheaper.

    All the cabinets arrived at my house ready built, not flat pack, so all I had to do was arrange them how I wanted and fit them. I'm not very handy like that so I hired a local joiner and he said they all went together very well.

    I've decided to splash out on a granite worktop and the guy came to measure for that last night. He reckons it will be about 2 weeks until he is able to deliver it but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. He has to cut it to size and everything.

    I was a little skeptical at first because Wren don't have a showroom however I'm told by the guy on the phone that they are opening one in a few months. Never the less, they sent me out a sample door before I ordered and the price just seemed too good to miss. Not sure how long their 80% off thing will last - maybe ask them that if you are going to give them a ring.

    So all in all, very impressed. I'll post up some pics once I get the worktop in so you can all see it fitted.

    Cheers - H
  • lagilagi Forumite
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    Looked long and hard at their website yesterday. The prices are advertised at 80% off. I would find it hard to believe that most people would pay just under a £1000 for only a base unit! With their new prices it seems much more reasonable. If you think they are good value now and their quality is good, i would let that sway your decision, not the fact that it looks like your getting a super kitchen at a fraction of its normal cost. I could see nothing there that justified the original prices that you couldn't get cheaper elsewhere. Just something to bear in mind when making that final decision.
  • ormusormus Forumite
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    still 200 quid for a 600mm base unit? was 950 quid?
    they are having a laugh surely?

    have they any connection with everest double glazing?
    Get some gorm.
  • lagi, I completely agree with you. The 80% off is a good marketing message but its the actual prices they were selling at which pulled me in. I've not looked at the company before so I can't comment on what the prices used to be however like you said, the prices are decent now so that is what matters.

    I've changed my mind - I said I'd post pictures of my new kitchen when its all done but I can't resist - I'll take some tonight and get them on here later hehe. So excited, can't wait for it to be done.

    Thanks - H
  • HappychappyHappychappy Forumite
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    I am looking for a new kitchen and have been to B&Q as well as Homebase to have kitchens priced up.

    Someone on a forum recommended DIYKITCHENS.COM I priced up a kitchen in white gloss which worked out to be very cheap, so last week I went to their factory where they produce the kitchens and was totally sold on their quality.

    Make your own mind up and go and see the place rather than order a sample door etc. although depends where you are, these are near Doncaster. All the cabinets are made up and delivered complete, plus an excellent range. They don't fit but can recommend fitters.
  • Hairoun, do you have any photos of the kitchen at all please. I am interested in Wren Kitchens. I have not been able to find any reviews on the web for them and am a little apprehensive.
  • even though homebase say they are 50% off all units and another 25% off etc. etc. just bear in mind that what you call a unit they call something else - another cheap marketing ploy to pull you in. e.g. a larder is not a unit, it's a larder, and so isn't 50% + 25% off.
  • B&Q are now doing 50% off their Cooke and lewis kitchens, but since they were just massively overpriced before (imho), this just brings them down to a more reasonable price!
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