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I'm considering changing to 'green' elecrticity. Has anyone done it, who would you recomend. I realise it's probably a bit more expensive but if I can do my little bit for the planet it might be worth thinking about. Southern Electric Renewable have a £20.22 standing charge and the 8.35 per kwh, which is about a penny more than their standard rate. On one site British Gas Green seemed a good option but I don't think they have included the price increase. I don't use a great deal of electricity. Any advice would be appreciated. :confused:


  • Prices differ depending on where you are in the country so it's hard to say which would be the best green tariff for you but i'm on the Scottish Power green energy fund and i'm very happy.

    Basically they donate the £10.50 discount I would have received a year for having both fuels with them to renewable energy projects, so I don't pay anymore per unit, I just donate my discount.

    They also do a Green energy H20 tariff which if I understand it correctly doesn't cost you anymore at all but they guarantee to match your electricity consumption with their supply of green hydro power. It's supported by friends of the earth I think.

    Of course whether this is beneficial to you depends on whether SP are a competitive supplier in your area. :D
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    I recently signed up to Ecotricity (available through at least 2 of the comparison/ cashback sites).

    they guarantee to price match your local supplier and they have two tariffs depending upon how you want your electricity to be generated.

    Been with them about 3 months and am happy so far

    now i'm looking for the greenest gas supplier .... any body got any ideas on that one??
  • Hi, I am new to this website and forum, but really wanted to let people know that I have switched to Ecotricity as well as a few of my family members (they were the one that referred me).
    So far so good, and my conscious feels better too! If you are thinking about this, my opinion is to give it a go.

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    We're with nPower, on their juice scheme. It doesn't cost any more and they guarantee to produce enough green electricity to cover your consumption. Of course half of that could be at night and goes to waste, but that's the same wherever you get your electricity from. In fact, the actual energy you receive will still be generated by your local powerstation, but they produce electricity elsewhere to counteract it.
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    Ecotricity is cheaper than npower juice, I changed last month.Its the only fully green electric provider, as thier offices and vans etc are all run on renewable energy, something that npower juice couldnt match when I discussed with them on leaving.
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    Is it cheaper when you include the £100 dual fuel discount?
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    cougar wrote:
    We're with nPower, on their juice scheme. It doesn't cost any more
    FYI nPower Juice only matches the standard tariff. You can get a cheaper online tariff.
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    I was going to sign up, but they told me they could not guarntee that my green electricity would not get mixed up with my neighbours horrible polluted stuff because they wouldnt give me a direct connection with the windmill ;)

    Its a load of baloney, they are obliged to supply a certain percentage of energy from renewable sources anyway.
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    raymond wrote:
    Its a load of baloney, they are obliged to supply a certain percentage of energy from renewable sources anyway.

    That's true.

    Many of these companies produce less electricity by renewable sources than they actually sell to consumers on 'green' tariffs - they just cover the deficit by purchasing ROCs, or Renewable Obligation Certificates, from other renewable generators. Each of these notional certificates are essentially proof that a 1000 KWh of energy has been produced from a renewable source, but are a valuable traded commodity - they do not have to actually buy the electricity or produce any 'green' electricity of their own.
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