When direct debit isnt such a good deal..

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Hi all,
apologies if this has been discussed before. We get dual fuel from SEEBOARD,part of the EDF energy group i believe. Their prices seem ok for us ,not necessarily the cheapest but cheap enough for it not to be worth switching as we are small consumers compared to many homes. Anyway we thought we'd try and lop a bit off the bills by paying by direct debit and so getting the DD discount. We previously paid on receipt of bill. We phoned SEEBOARD and they quoted £44 a month for gas and £25 a month for electric. We have records of our fuel useage for the past year and even adding on the price increased,they are overcharging by £20-£25 a month!. I may recontact them and tell them what i think is reasonable. By their figures,we would quickly move into a big credit situation, i.e lots of our money in their bank account.


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    If you know what you usage is why don't you find out the unit costs they will charge you (including VAT) and work out what your bill would be yourself?
    This is the only way of doing it that allows you to see what the real costs are. There is a learning curve but you soon find you can work out bills exactly.

    Also, read you meters (gas, elec and water) on the first day of each month and you will build up an accurate picture of your usage. This will allow you to judge which company, and which tarif within that company you would bext be on.

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  • You don't have to accept the direct debit amount that your supplier suggests. If you think it is way over the top, tell them and then say how much you think it should be. They can either say yes or no.

    If you are a low gas / electricity user, check out Ebico (Equigas, Equipower) who are good value for low users (no standing charges) and everyone pays the same so you can just pay for what you have used when the bill arrives.
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    I have just changed to SP and their estimated dd is £34 per month. This is too low and I just rang them to raise it to £55. Easy
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