February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    £11.05 just added to my total so far - couple of reduced things in Asda, bread, neeps and tatties packs that have bunged into freezer ( assume that'll be ok, they are raw?!) some birthday stuff ( candles, icing etc) some toiletries oh and in Boots spent 25p on a litre of their own brand bubble bath ( should have been about £1 I believe?) there's two flavours been reduced, one blue, one peachy - have used that for refilling my soap dispensers :)

    Am away for a few days so see you next week!

    P.S any Heroes fans here? Doesn't :money: look like Sylar??! :eek:
    Trying very hard to be frugal and OS - just plodding on and doing my best!
    :money: :money:
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    Penny Grabber and Flat Eric and anyone else.
    The Bakewell Tart recipe is one I used for years.

    175g/6oz Shortcrust pastry
    2 x 15ml/2 tbsp jam
    75g/3oz marg
    75g/3oz castor sugar
    100g/4oz ground almonds
    50g/2oz ground rice
    1 egg, size 3, beaten
    few drops almond essence (optional)
    blanched almonds
    1. Heat oven to 190c/375f/gas mark 5. Line 18cm/7 inch flan tin with 2 thirds of the pastry, reserving remainder for the top. Spread the base with jam.
    2. Cream marg and sugar.
    3. Mix together ground almonds and ground rice, add to the creamed mixture alternately with the beaten egg.
    4. Spread the mixture over the jam, then decorate with a lattice of pastry strips, and blanched almonds. Bake for 35-40 minutes.
    Take it easy, stay safe.
    Love nmlc
  • elizabunny wrote: »
    I personally wouldn't do this hamish222. I know you've said it says in the pack to roast from frozen, but I think it would take a huge amount of time to defrost the joint in the slo-cooker and then for it to be cooked through thoroughly. I am bit funny about frozen meat anyway and would always defrost it thoroughly before cooking.

    Thanks just made some veg soup to pop in freezer instead. I am going away this weekend and wanted to use some of veg up.
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  • Dinner party for 4 tomorrow, here is what I'm doing and how I have made some "Old Style" changes, which I hope won't affect the guests enjoyment:

    Pre-Dinner Nibbles
    Rather thank buying some posh crisps, made some cheese straws and have a packet of pistachios from my lovely Christmas hamper that a client sent me

    Cream of Artichoke Heart Soup - no OS changes, but not a pricy reciepe

    Boeuf Carbonade (Beef in Beer) - bought stewing steak rather than steak, so made it in the slow cooker. Added finely grated carrot to try and eek out another portion for the freezer

    Red cabbage - made in the slow cooker last week, already in the freezer

    Apple crumble (home made) and custard. Have never made custard from scratch before, but the recipe looks easy and have all the ingredients

    Cheese & Biscuits
    Cheese on offer at tescos. Made Suffolk Rusks instead of buying crackers, as I had all the ingredients.

    Hope no-one realises they're getting the Money Saving Dinner Menu!
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    Spent £4.19 at Tesco Express and £14.40 on a large bit of free range brisket from the butcher. Also 80p Danish pastry for DD from the bakers. Total spend so far: £122.85. Leaving £227.15.

    Please can I have the recipe for bacon and potato salad and Suffolk rusks.
    Thanks for the Bakewell Tart recipe. It's my husband's favourite.
  • Hi, all these recipes sound lovely
    This weeks grocery spend is £41.32 plus another £10 for an electric toothbrush as the old one died and the dentist said I must use one. Not sure if that counts as groceries?
    First time this week no 'me' money. Did spend £60 on a filling (thats over £200 at the dentist this year) but can claim this back on insurance.
    New Dishwasher coming tomorrow (done without since before Christmas).
    It seems each week this year has brought considerable big spends.
  • Hello everyone :hello:

    This week I have spent £13.62. Bought bread and milk from the corner shop because of the snow which lasted all of two days. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: When I did manage to get to Mr T's they have reduced the price of the welsh butter we use to £1.00 a pack, now have a little butter stockpile in the freezer.
    Have just started using menu plans,after reading this thread :T and knowing what we were having each evening was fab, on the days I did manage to get to work, DP has started to prepare food by the time I had got home. :j Will do a plan for next week and write a shopping list, this will also be a first for me, will go shopping later, list in hand.

    Lisa x
  • :hello: hello all,
    I've read this thread for a while but couldn't seem to get motiviated. but just finished reading MBAS thread about £20 to last a month and am now inspired.

    Worked out we spent in the region of £550 (maybe more) last month :o and that's for 2 adults a 7 year old and a cat....ashamed at stuff we throw away or buy more cos we don't fancy what we got.

    jobs front looking bleak in next few months so here i am motivated and raring to go :j

    Dont want to go too low so put me down for £350 until I get the hang of it and then I can go lower when we need to (if we need to).

    thanks everybody

    Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. - Leo Buscaglia
  • Good morning everyone

    I hope you're all well and looking forward to a lovely weekend. Today will definately be a grocery spending day for me, I need to buy some eggs, milk, toilet paper and the Times newspaper, for TV programmes and news, and it's only £1 today. So hoping to stay within my £9.99 still left until the 24th Feb. And that should be it for the rest of my month.

    Have a good weekend everyone. Will update spends later after shopping. Wish me luck.

    x x
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    Well I went shopping last night after all and was over budget but not by a great deal. I didn't count the MIL's 2 birthday cards or pressies of "The Grandparents' Book" for £6 and a really nice pot plant for £4.90 - not bad in themselves tho, I'd say - bargain!

    So despite the fact I forgot I needed kitty litter, kitchen roll and nappy bags, I didn't do to badly for £28.75 - esp when I had decided to switch to all organic dairy and needed nappies this week too (I have gone with a tip I learned on this forum to use own brand nappies during the day when introducing toilet training so they won't absorb so well and hopefully increase desire to use the potty! Let's hope it works too as they were only £1.47 for 20!)

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.x.
    Love and compassion to all x
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