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Help required for g&e at new property

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Help required for g&e at new property

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MrShrimp_2MrShrimp_2 Forumite
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Hello all, first post for me.

I have just bought a flat in Glasgow and will be moving in on 7th April. It may be somewhat obvious but what steps would you take on entry to see that you had the best value g&e available?

The current owners are with Powergen. I do not know their precise tariff.

Many thanks for your help :D


  • I don't think it'll matter what tarrif they are on, it ends when they move. You will go onto bog standard tarrif unless you can negotiate something with PG
    It's BOUGHT (to Buy), not BROUGHT (to bring) AND you cannot be frauded, only DEfrauded.

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  • juniper1juniper1 Forumite
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    Hi. I'm having a 'gas & electric' fright week. On your question when we moved to our house a year ago I hadn't realised that you need to use whatever company the house is with, ie Powergen in your case. I had previously been with BGas & Seeboard for electric and assumed that I would just inform them of the move, take meter readings etc,. and carry paying my direct debits etc,. It was not the case. When I spoke with BG they started the procedure of changing the new property over to them and it was at this point that I found out how expensive they actually are. I had never looked into it before but after looking at the figures of Scottish Power who our new house was with for both utilities I decided I was better off to keep it with them.
    In my own experience moving house is a traumatic enough experience and it takes quite along time for the bills etc,. to settle down. You'll find that money flies out of your bank account at a rate of knots to begin with so perhaps best advice I can give is go with powergen at the moment. Ask them what their charges are, set up a DDM to pay monthly and then once you've settled into the house and the DDM's are collecting smoothly each month then look at changing if you feel you can get a better deal elsewhere. You could ask Powergen about capping and see whether they can do a comparison quote. they also have an online account which can save you a combined saving of 11% with the DDM factor. I know this as I was on the phone to them yesterday as I have been looking to change myself over the last 2 days.
    Good Luck
  • Thanks for all your advice! :T
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