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Mortgage payment difficulty advice

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  • Seriously, I think you ought to come over to the debt-free-wannabe board and post a statement of affairs.

    Even if you don't post, browse some of the threads and you may pick up some tips from the regulars.

    Oh, and if you cut sky sports, you could also get a part time bar job and make sure you're working when your team are playing.

    That's all the advice I'm willing to give as I note from a previous post that you support Arsenal... And I'm out of my 'area' anyway. I don't belong in the mortgages area!
    Don't worry about typing out my username - Call me COMP
    (Unless you know my real name - in which case, feel free to use that just to confuse people!)
  • Kez100 wrote: »
    With respect the OP has been advised, on here, time and time again that a SOA and DFW is the way to go. For whatever reason he chooses to remain here.

    Ahhh but he hasn't had a LBM.....
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