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Average Electricity Costs Poll

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  • Lotus-eaterLotus-eater Forumite
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    Just worked out our useage for the last year, we used on average 13 kw's per day. Thats with electric cooking and shower, dishwasher and use of a tumbledrier when its wet, one to three PC's on alot of the time, 2 with LCD screens and a laptop. Everything is switched off at the plug when its not in use.
    Does that sound reasonable useage?

    I feel a bit faint, just worked out my yearly bill is £591 at todays prices, plus vat and minus DD payment amount. Crikey, that seems alot.
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  • DreamnineDreamnine Forumite
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    Just got my electricity bill. 19/08/08 till 19/11/08 352kwh, £54.
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  • TechnoTechno Forumite
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    Just had our utility bill in and we have used 1800 kwh over the last quarter - we seem to have gone up from 14 ish to 22 per day. Only differences are - new meter and we have a mielle washing machine which is cold fill but only used 3 to 4 times per week - any ideas why it's gone up so much??
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  • polgarapolgara Forumite
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    Just had our joint electricity/gas bill in today - and our monthly payment is going up from £144 to £168!

    Did some checking and my calculations are:

    Over 203 days we used:
    4138 units (electricity) - daily average of 20.38
    1130 units (gas) - daily average of 5.57 which converts to 63.57 kWh (hope thats right but followed the instructions on the bill - units x calorific unit x volume correction /3.6)

    Its an old 4 storey terraced house, gch on 3 floors, double glazing (again on 3 floors), mostly bare floorboards, and lots of electrical equipment etc. The boiler is about 6 years old and is regularly serviced etc.

    We're in the process of renovating the 4th floor to extend the central heating and more importantly to add insulation (there's none currently on the ceiling/roof). We had some slipped tiles which allowed the ceiling in the attic rooms to be damaged and there are some significant damage to the plasterboard there.

    As we renovate rooms in turn we're replacing the radiators and adding thermastatic values so we can control more and more room heating. We've also three open fireplaces - the living/back room and basement kitchen (waiting for our new woodburning stove to be installed, along with the fan to
    push more heat back into the room.

    I think our usage is excessive - any advice/suggestions???
  • gull5426gull5426 Forumite
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    just got my electric bill for 18th oct- 11 jan £93.64 (exc vat).
    195 night units @ 4.69
    233 day units @ 18.79
    343 day units @ 11.87

    ave use night is 8 per week but we are having decorating done and have had to move into our attic room where there is only a storage heater which uses about 10 per night.. as its milder now it will probably go off... its only on, on the rare occasions people are staying with us.

    day units average about 45 per week.

    so quite happy with the bill considering its winter...
    gas bill is at end of month where we have tryed really hard to cut the costs.
  • My electricity bill is £60+ a month.
    I live in a flat with no central heating.
    The electrical items I have are a computer, radio, kettle, cooker, fridge, boiler (on timer) and a 1 bar fire that never gets turned on.
    Does this sound right?

  • Lotus-eaterLotus-eater Forumite
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    polgara wrote: »
    We've also three open fireplaces - the living/back room and basement kitchen (waiting for our new woodburning stove to be installed, along with the fan to
    push more heat back into the room.
    What fan are you getting?
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  • urpalurpal Forumite
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    Hi there everyone!
    Here goes....from 12 Dec. '07 until 10 Dec. '08 I used 18,829 units of electricity which jumped from 3.430p to 9.750p. in July, which is an increase of 184.5%!! That works out at 51.59 units a night.
    From 12 Dec. '07 until 10 Dec '08 I used 5,526 units of electricity which jumped from 6.610p to 22.80p. in July, which is an increase of 245%!!!! That works out at 15.14 units a day.
    There was also a daily standing charge on both bills which jumped from 10.34p. to 34.20p., which is an increase of 230%!!
    For some reason I get seperate bills for each meter. Last week I received my two bills which amounted to £774. One was for one month and the other was for three months!
    I telephoned them and they explained that as I had been on a Fixed Term, Fixed Price Agreement for years, I had done very well up until July '08. That may well be the case, but even with them deciding to lower my unit charges to 8.45p and 13.75p respectively, and reducing the daily standing charge (on both bills) from 34.22p to 25.18p. these charges still represent increases of 146.25%, 108% and 143%.
    Calculating my bill for 2009, using the 'new' tariff, gives me a total of £2,829.73. (EDF would be £2106)
    I am contracted until July 2010.
    There you go.......I must be one of the worst!
  • Our electric bill seems to be high Summer and Winter now. I looked over our bills for 2008 before filing them and found we spent close to £600 for the year on electric. This is for a new-built, two bed flat. We've done all the usual money-saving tricks etc.. but at the end of it all, we're simply paying over the odds compared to some other European countries.

    The gas bill, thank God, was half that for 2008. Drops to almost nothing in the Summer.

  • KylieKylie Forumite
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    We have only electricity.

    Our "house" is one bedroom.

    We spend £5 per DAY on electricity.


    No debt/money owing on the meter. (so they say)

    During winter
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