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February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Could I be put down for £250 again for February please?

    I think I may have gone slightly over last months target as I went to Mr S just before pay day but can't remember how much I spent :o ( went in to get my guinea pigs some food and ended up spending at least £25! ). I need to get my food spending down, I always run out of things like milk and sarnie fillers and go to supermarkets with the intention of just getting what I need but always spend more and thats what's putting me over budget.
    For petrol, food & toiletries for 2 adults and 2 guinea pigs!
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    Spent €32.77 to-day on meat...hopefully I will get at least 8 dinners out of the meat I get in the village...supermarket there is very expensive so I only buy anything else there when we are badly stuck. Still have to do a shop in Aldi/Lidl over the next few days, hoping to keep total spend this week to less than €65.

    Chicken with onion, turnip, baked potatoes and squash to night, fruit for pudding.

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  • Afternoon All. Hope everyone is well and keeping warm.

    Heavy snow falling here at the moment. I think we all knew this was coming, so I've spent the day cooking 8 portions of veggie soup, 7 apple crumbles, 2 HM bread and 12 falafel -goodness you'd think I was expecting to be snowed in:rotfl: Also soaked, cooked and froze some red kidney beans. Have dispatched DH to collect 2 more 1 kg bags of Caster Sugar from MrL as it's only 89p in there and also need 2 more bags of bread flour to pop in cupboard just in case.

    I was hoping for a NSD but not today, at least I had 1 yesterday. Will update sig. later when I have receipt.

    HM Soup, Sausage Plait with Mash & Veggies, Apple Crumble & Custard for Dinner tonight -we won't be able to move:rotfl: Better take the dogs for a run in the snow:eek:
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    Well, I cooked the gammon steaks for lunch and there was loads. So, with the leftovers I've made soup.

    Half an onion (though you may want more-I can only eat a little or I'm ill)
    1 rasher of bacon (optional)
    Glug of white wine (optional)
    Knob of butter
    Carrots (chopped small enough for a chunky soup)
    Vegetable stock cube & Water to cover (or homemade stock)
    A couple small potatoes (peeled and chopped)
    Red lentils
    Cooked gammon

    Put butter in pan, add chopped onion and bacon, fry until coloured slightly. Add a splash of wine (end of bottle) and cook off. Add a couple cups of water or stock (just used a teacup) then add lentils (handful). Boil for ten minutes, then if needed add more water. Crumble in stock cube if using and add extra herbs if you want. Simmer for another five minutes. Add chopped carrot and any other root vegetables you have. Simmer for a further five minutes before adding the potatoes and cooked gammon. Then simmer for as long as you like. The lentils will be cooked by this point, so its just a case of the potatoes and carrots cooking. Ideally the potato will help thicken slightly. Do keep an eye on the liquid level if leaving to simmer for a while though.

    This shouldn't need any extra salt, as the bacon and gammon are quite salty. If serving straight away, you could add a handful of frozen peas/sweetcorn if you like just before serving.
  • Took some of the great advice I read on here everyday.

    I made 450g of mince stretch to make one family size shepherds pie, 2 individual sized shepherds pies and a wee mini sized one for my 3 year old at lunchtime.

    Added the usual carrots and onions plus lentils,a big tin of beans, gravy granules and a squirt of brown sauce and tomato puree. It tastes loverly :T

    Also made chicken,bacon and lentil soup in the slowcooker.Will try to get an apple crumble done aswell. :A

    This is really the weather for soups and good stodgy winter foods.
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    Afternoon all,

    I have had nsd today.. But tomorrow as im passing farmfoods i will go in and get 2 x 4pints of milk for £1 each. Much cheaper than my corner shop so that will last us till next week. I will put one in the freezer too. Can you freeze full fat milk?
    Might pop into aldi to and get some bacon - its low fat appeently and you get 10 rashes at moment for about £1.35!!
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    Going to a 'do' in Grimsby next weekend so am going to get a box of fresh fish from the docks.. normally contains massive fillets of haddock at £1 a fillet plus other bits and pieces at wholesale prices! Bargain.:j

    Sorry to chop your post up but where abouts on the docks do you go for this? I grew up in Grimsby and left before I was old enough to care about moneysaving lol, but the folks are still there so I could grab some when I visit.

    I usually grab it from Freeman st market when i'm home as it's cheaper than most places but not that cheap.

    SK x
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  • BexBex - I LOVE your doggie! My two springer spaniels were also out in it and came back with tons of mini snowballs clinging to their very shaggy fur! Took ages to defrost them - kitchen floor flooded. AND THEN WE WENT AND DID IT ALL OVER AGAIN THIS AFTERNOON!
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    Spent £19.89 in Mr S today - am starting to get really annoyed at living in a town centre with no car because all proper supermarkets are at least three miles away!!:mad:

    Still, should be enough for the week - and I'm loving the 4 for £1 mullerlights!!

    Anyhoo, thought I'd share a recipe for leek and sweet potato soup - it's yummy and in Mr S both are on offer at the mo:

    4 leeks
    1 large sweet potato
    50g butter (I use own-brand low fat spread and it's fine)
    2 basics chicken stock cubes
    200g basics natural yogurt

    put the stock cubes in 900ml water. Heat butter and put finely chopped leeks and sweet potato in at a low heat for 10 minutes. Put stock in and simmer (I normally leave it for an hour or so). Blend. Put back on low heat and stir in natural yogurt. Eat!

    Handy if you like creamy soups but are watching the calories :rolleyes:

    Have a good evening everyone!
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    Can you put me down for £250 again for February. Have already spent £170 and only on 2nd of the month (my month runs from 23rd - 22nd) so 3 weeks to and only £80 left:eek: . I am determined to do it though. Made fish pie tonight and made 4 portions which I will freeze. Usually would make a massive dish, we would have it for a couple of days and then bin - second day is never as nice as first and kids always complain 'oh, but we had that last night', so no more of that either:D

    Have 3 freezers full of food and am going to start freezing like I did with the fish pie when I make spag bol, mince etc so soon will have enough meals for a week and will only need to buy the basics.
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