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February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi Not done this before but have been reading the post for a while now,Can you count me in this month please? Can you count me in for £500 please, this seems a lot but am feeding 2 Adults 4 teenagers and a 2 year old (the teenagers eat more than us lol) 4 cats and 3 fish,will include nappies toiletries and cleaning stuff.

    Also is there a link anywhere to Twinks hobnobs these sound so like some I used to make but cannot remember the quantities.

    I do a lot of home baking anyway and am planning on doing a big bake on Sunday.

    Three of my children take packed lunch to school everyday and myself and my youngest son have a packed lunch 2x a week for babygroup.

    I do my main shop at MrM but top up at HB, Poundshops Aldis etc as I need to,all my meat and fruit and veg come from the local market.

    Thank you for all your great ideas on here I really want to have a bash at the Carrot and Coriander soup at the weekend
    Feeding 6 Adults 1 Teen a 8 year old with hollow legs and a very fussy 5 year old. Also 3 cats and 3 fishies
    To include all Food,Toiletries and Petfood.
  • Hi. Have not done the grocery challenge yet, still trying to get to grips with not spending as much!!
    Think I am ready to do it now though.
    Can you please put me down for £320. That is for me, OH,dd(17), ds(16),ds(10) and our dog, Elsa(2).
    Thank you
    Finally dealing with our debts.
    May NSD15/15:j June NSD 10/15.
    Sealed pot(1)£36. Sealed pot(2)£14.00. Sealed pot(3) £6.50. June GC £214/£350-
    weekly spend challenge 7th June 16.70/£15:confused:
    Never thought dealing with debt would be FUN!!:j
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    russetred wrote: »
    I picked up a copy of Cheap Chow by Kenneth Lo at a charity shop.It's a really good read on cheap chinese meals based on their philosophy of expanding savouriness.Basically the chinese reckon on feeding 5-8 people on 8oz of meat by cooking it along with 3 x as much veg in a well flavoured sauce then adding 5x as much bulk food like rice.The book explains how to make a master sauce and how to cook all kinds of cheap cuts. I gave it a go and from a 1lb of streaky pork slices I made two meals over two days for 5 people.1 was sweet and sour pork and the other was a chilli/garlic/hoisin pork rice dish.We were all stuffed!

    I've just ordered this book on Amazon for 1p! So I will be looking forward to sampling some new recipes - thanks:T
  • Well, Mr T has been delivering and it cost £95 :eek: according to my meal plan that should cover our main meals and I should :rolleyes: just need to get F&V and milk so fingers crossed it works this month :D
    I watched Jamies pig show last night (minus the gory bits ;) ) and made sure I just ordered british but I have decided to try and use the local butcher from now on, I already use the local veg shop alot as its so much nicer and cheaper.
    Had a lovely chicken stew tonight with herby dumplings and either a fry up or indian tomorrow night!
    Sealed pot Member target £200 - No. 151
    GC Yearly £3k so far £1097 May£220/£300
    £1k in 100 days so far - £235 :p
    Snowball debt free calculator says DEC 09 - lets hope we can do it!

  • Evening all. I poped in to MrT's tonight and did quit well, I should have enough for about to weeks, the only other bits I will need to pick are veg, sandwich meat, cheese and milk. I was going to get sausages at MrT's but decided that I will go to the butchers for them in the morning. Most of the £45.10 spend included, loo rolls and other cleaning stuff. I'm going to order my fridge/frezzer in the next couple of weeks:j, then I will be able pick up woppsied stuff and batch cook:T

    Shelley x
    Back on MSE again! to take control of my finances and not let it control me. :T May grocery challenge £41.96/140
  • I've been making good use of my first lot of February's shopping. Last night i made pork and beef meatballs. I used one 500gram pack of pork mince (£2.00) one 500gram pack of beef mince (£2.50), a little chopped garlic, some salt and pepper, some dried herbs, a couple of eggs and some breadcrumbs from the home made bread I had made. I ended up making about 30 meatballs which i bagged up in 3 bags of ten and then put in the freezer. These can be added to tomato based pasta sauce and cooked for about an hour or so, and then served with pasta.....or when defrosted they can be fried in shallow oil. Yum. Economical too. £4.50 for 3 main meals for a family.

    Today i made loads of Dropped Scones (like syrup pancakes) and bagged them up for the freezer, and i also made sone rich sultana scones and bagged them up too...about 6 bags of each.
    Grocery Challenge for October: £135/£200

    NSD Challenge: October 0/14
  • Goodness me! What a lot to catch up on!!

    Already spent about half my budget for this month - :eek: how did THAT happen!! :eek:

    Was a bit disappointed when I went to A!di - got the potatoes and broccoli, and a few other bits, but not nearly as much as I'd hoped (£10.96). Spent a little more (£64.00!!) in Mr T's - no bargains really, just submarine rolls whoopsied at 3 for 49p. Also got some VERY nice ice cream :rolleyes: - on spesh but still expensive, then I got some cones to go with it. I read (can't remember if it was this thread or another) that ice cream lasts much longer if you give it to them in cones. DD cottoned on to this immediately and was not best pleased (TOUGH!) :rotfl:

    Got another 12 meals out of 500g steak mince - just made basic savoury mince this time with onions, oats, red lentils, herbs and stock for freezer. Then when I defrost it I'll pad it out the various things depending on what we're having it with, or what I've got in. We had it last night with carrots and peas in it and with hm dumplings.

    Got all the ingredients to make weetabix cake and Twink's hobnobs over the weekend. Hoping to get DD roped into that, too as she quite likes messing about in the kitchen - pity she doesn't seem so keen on cleaning up after :confused:

    Going to update signature - see you all over the weekend! :hello:
    Grocery challenge: Jun£134.15/£120; Jul £60.90/£120
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    russetred wrote: »
    After watching Jamie saves our bacon i decided to investigate the pork in my fridge and freezer.Apart from a pile of Walls sausages(whoopsied) everything was red tractor.I had to buy bacon for the weekend and British bacon was 2 for £4 in Mr T so should be easy to keep to supporting our pig farmers.By the way weren't those piglets adorable?

    Have you tried supermarket own 'cooking bacon'? It is £1.56 for 500g at Mr T and even better value is Mr S is £1.56 for 670g - you need to look carefully at the contents to ensure that the pieces are not too fatty but you get all different types (back, streaky) and both smoked and unsmoked. Most of the packs I have bought have tasted yummy! Other supermarkets will probably have similar - but these two are the ones nearest to me.

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    Well today I have been off sick from work and to cheer myself up I spent a couple of hours trawling the recipe thread attached to the first few posts on this one.

    This gave me many ideas for cakes/loaf cakes/biscuits to make myself. I have so many of the ingredients unused in the cupboard so I made the delightful Mrs M's banana and ginger loaf cake and used up 3 manky bananas I would have chucked out a few weeks ago.

    Many thanks to everyone who submitted a recipe, they have given me a new slant on things in the cupboard instead of constantly buying and topping up. I'm planning a baking couple of hours either on a Sat/Sun for things to take to work instead of buying :rotfl: Can't wait!!!!:rotfl:

    Lakeland have a bag for keeping bananas in for £4.88 - - it says you can keep them in fridge for upto a couple of weeks - however I didn't put them in the fridge and they kept for about 10 days without browning. Definitely worth buying if you don't like soft bananas!:T

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    Evening all

    Mrs M could you please put me down for £120 again for Feb..Thankyou :D

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