Allience and leicester Overdraft matching?

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Hi when I opened a premier current account in septemer with A & L one of the incentives was that they said they would match my existing overdraft.

I have an overdraft with my other bank for £2,700 but A&L only gave me an OD of £350

Is it too late for me to request my overdraft be matched, and if not, how do I go about requesting this?

thanks in advance

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    They matched mine after I'd been with them for around 10 months. However, the overdraft matching offer (to consider only) forms part of switching DD's and/or SO's to them. Did you 'switch' in September?

    As to how you go about it, I just rang and asked to speak with their switching team.
  • Yes I switched over in September.

    I'll give them a ring and see what they can do for me.

    Thanks yorkieboy.
  • I've just joined and got an overdraft of £250, the welcome letter says that if you want your old overdraft amount matched, to send off a statement less than a month old showing your current overdraft limit and they will consider it. Got a letter yesterday saying they're happy to match it :) You could always just give them a ring and ask, they'll probably say send in a statement.
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