Barclays - will they close my account if i claim unfair fees

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I am looking at putting a finaicial hardship claim to Barclays, but i am really concerned that they will close the account after they pay out....


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    No, they shouldn't.The FSA Waiver Directions specifically mentions this:
    the firm must not close accounts or threaten closure of accounts of customers when it might reasonably appear that this is for the purpose (or with the intent) of penalising customers that have complained about unauthorised overdraft charges for having complained, or deterring future complaints from these customers or others. For the avoidance of doubt, the firm may close accounts or threaten to close accounts where there is good justification for doing so based on the circumstances of the particular case;
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    They aren't allowed. Even if they do try and do that, you can always open a basic bank account elsewhere, and frankly, you would be better off if that was the case lol.
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