hardship due to disability anyone know ?

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Been on a DMP for about a year now Lloyds TSB credit card are the only ones added etc ,charges they did reduce my interest in the first 6 months but they are charging interest again now .

My first question regards to my situation i am on incapacity benefit i had to give up work 3 years ago because of my health ,i have read on here something about charges being paid back to you if you have hardship due to disability could someone explain this to me or have you got a link ?

I have been thinking about claiming charges back from lloyds but i dont get statements from them so i have no idea how much to claim back if i write or phone Lloyds do they have to provide me with this information ?

No idea really were to start when claiming back charges


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    Interest are not 'charges' (as we understand them). You can ask for other charges, like 'late payment fees' but you cannot claim interest back.

    Contact CAB to put pressure on the bank to stop charging interest all together (not just reduce it).
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