Tooth reconstruction plus other q's

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    I would assume that the fillings you have had done are rather large if the teeth next door to them require extraction. For this reason, I would say its not unusual for them to be sensitive afterwards, the important thing is that this sensitivity should gradually reduce, if it doesnt and they actually become more painful, they may require further work eg root canal treatment +/- crowns.

    Yes there should be no problem brushing them with your electric toothbrush.

    I presume again that the lateral incisors are going to be removed at the same time as the wisdom teeth for your convenience. The wisdom teeth may be difficult extractions (am assuming this was the reason for the referral) and since you will be having sedation to have them out, your dentist prob thought she was doing you a favour by letting you get them all out in one go rather than having to go through two seperate extraction visits. I dont know however, I am merely guessing, you really should have sought clarification at the time. The front teeth are likely to be replaced in the short term at least with a denture which you will need to have impressions taken for. Again, your dentist is the person to ask these questions to though I cant understand why you wouldnt have been told the plan anyway.
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