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January 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Have spent £109.26 on shopping/groceries/toiletries this month. Not bad for a 5-weeker!
  • YummyMummy - yes please for the recipe for SC kidney recipe!

    Steak and Kidney stew/pie filling
    (for 3.5l slow cooker)

    0.5lb Shin beef/braising beef
    0.5lb kidney (about 1-2 whole ones)
    100g plain flour
    2 cloves of garlic
    1 large onion
    2 carrots
    1 small swede
    1 leek
    600ml stock (if using cubes I only put 2 cubes with this amount of water)
    Cornflour to thicken
    Dumpling mix ( i haven't got round to making my own yet as I have a stash of the mix in my cupboards!)
    1. dice all the veggies and put in SC
    2. peel garlic, sqaush under knife and add to the SC
    3. dice beef and kidney add to a bowl with the flour and coat the meat
    4. add meat to SC cover with stock
    5. leave for at least 8 hours on low (probably only need 6 hours if its for a pie)
    6. about 40 mins before you want to serve it make dumplings (either from a packet - about 50p - or i think there is a recipe on here)
    7. turn heat up to high and put the dumplings in the stew for 30 mins turning over after 15 mins serve dumplings first then add cornflour if you need to thicken the gravy
    Obviously leave out the dumplings if making a pie.

    This is the first time I've written down the recipe so I hope it's easy to follow!
    wk1 £0/£100 NSD's 0/7
    Total £0/400
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    Just bought bread and milk yesterday, had bought a new load Friday and it was gone by Sat morn, just 2 slices left for DS beans at lunch time. I think he is the main bread eater at the moment at 15 he is on a definate growth spurt. We only buy wholemeal and I have never had any sucess with making it myself so rely on shop bought, do any of you home bakers make wholemeal and how is it? Is it very dense? DH picked up a fresh bagette on way home which we had with the SC soup, don't mind this but sliced must be wholemeal. My month will end Jan 31 so still 6 days to go but I will be well under thank heavens.
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  • Went to the village yesterday and spent £7.88 - am very tight for feb (monthly shop was too big!!)and determined to do my best to come in on budget so I've mealplanned for the next 4 weeks and should just about do it (although £10pw isn't very much) I do have contingency though as I set aside £60 for dd's nappies etc but only needed to spend less than £30!!

    Just going to update my sig.
    wk1 £0/£100 NSD's 0/7
    Total £0/400
  • will keep my tesco shop for tomorrow as it has some good offers in etc. should come in at around £30 (max including delvy) so will hopefully will just about make it in budget. I am pleased as I have really kept everything in (like the mcdonalds for the kids yesterday, don't do that very often)...

    Looking forward to the Feb challenge, will be going into it with quite a bit in stock which is good.....
    Jun GC £250.00/£12.40 NSD 3 / 30

    January 200/198.91 February 200/239.28 March 200/230
    April 250/no idea May 250/265.95

    Sealed pot challenge number 648
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    nykmedia wrote: »
    I'm pretty well stocked up after the stockpiling purchases this month but have been debating about one major issue - MILK! I use mostly powdered milk for cooking but we like fresh milk for cereal, however, it costs £1.07 for a litre carton from our nearest shop and, despite liking the theory of supporting local small businesses, it is impossible to do so. Now I am wondering what's the most expensive litre of milk available? (Cow's milk, whole or semi-skimmed.) Anyone?
    We are lucky, our local milk costs 75p-90p/L (cheaper in Coop/Tesco, more expensive in local shops) or £1.39-£1.59/2L and approx £1.89/3L. I try to get the local stuff although sometimes also get Lidl milk which is £1.49/2.272L. In case anyone does not know, this is in Orkney.
    I was surprised to find our local milk works out cheaper than the milk my mum buys from the supermarket (in Lanarkshire), perhaps it is because it travels less miles ?
    £1.07 for 1L is expensive though :eek:.
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    Hi Peeps :wave:

    I`ve done the last of my shopping until next Sunday and i would like to declare Januarys total at £119.97p :j please MrsM.

    I`m chuffed to bits as i bought allsorts of extras this month because of the offers that were on.

    Februarys amount for the GC will be £115 for me please MrsM, i was going to try for less but we shall need two sacks of dogfood instead of one as the 2nd sack is a different kind that we mix in to the main feed so it lasts a lot longer than the main IYKWIM.

    The freezer has gone down a little bit so i shall try and get a full shelf empty over the next month. forward planning really for when the weather gets nicer and we can get free food to save :D hopefully the freezer will be emptied and refilled by the summers end.

    Good luck peeps.

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
  • huxleyhuxley Forumite
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    415SanFran"I also bought a load of seeds from wilkinsons, fruit bushes and the like and sprouts, sweetcorn zucchini, tomato. Not sure wether or not to put that into the food allowance as it is "going" to be food hopefully.
    what do others do about this?"

    Hi I normally include these in the food budget, but as I harvest them (hopefully:D ) put a few pennies in a pot as if I was buying them (cheap of course;) ) then this fund helps pay for seeds /compost /pots or maybe a little tipple to drink in the garden surrounded by your living larder in the summer:D
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    We only buy wholemeal and I have never had any sucess with making it myself so rely on shop bought, do any of you home bakers make wholemeal and how is it? Is it very dense?

    Try mixing some white flour in,up to half and it will lighten it quite a lot.Then gradually reduce till you find the combination you like.

    That's what I did when the children were still at home,can't fool DH though!
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    I have gone ovr budget this month. Not too bothered as I had no idea what I was spending before. I know for a fact that I have cut down and I am pleased with what I have managed. I am goin to go for £300 next month rather thatn £250 , including school lunches and any take aways we have as I think that is more realistic and I don't really ahve to cut down too much as money not quite so tight these days :)
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