Cheap Airport Parking: Glasgow Airport hints, tips and local parking

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What’s this about? Parking at the airport can cost a fortune. Yet there are many ways to cut this cost. The first point of call is read the full Cheap Airport Parking guide. Then having found the cheapest it can find you, this discussion is specifically to talk about local parking and tips for

Cheap Glasgow Airport Parking

If you want to discuss airport parking in general please go to the Cheap Airport Parking Discussion.

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  • last time i went away i used this place,it was the cheapest i could find,also car was fine when we returned,pick up and drop off was fast,they give you a number to call on returning to the airport, they pick you up in seconds.
    they also have battery boosters just incase (im sure other will have this too).
    i can recomend them. permit granted!
  • Followed a couple of links on the article and found parking for 45 quid for 2 weeks. However, did a search on and they are saying I can get a night's accommodation and 15 days parking for 45 quid. Seems too good to be true so I wanted to check if anyone else has used them? They are saying it's a Supersaver 3* Unnamed Hotel & 15 days parking (Glasgow Airport)
  • Hi there,

    Just to add that the Normandy or Erskine Bridge hotels (both just a mile or two from Glasgow airport) do a package whereby you probably pay about the same for dinner, bed, breakfast and parking as you do for parking. Think the hotels are a little tired, but my in-laws raved about the deal.

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    Stayed at the Normandy hotel at Erskine before an 8am flight, £50 for a double room including 15 days parking (no breakfast). Booked through Room was ok, can't complain, shuttle bus runs quater to the hour, they give you a tel no for pick up. Staying again in a few weeks before summer hols (7 am flight)
    Every day above ground is a good day.
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    I travel from Prestwick a few times a year and always find it cheaper to use the airport's car parks. You find them via the airport website.
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