January 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Another £10 for me, £2.50 on F&V in Mr M and dh went to get milk and bought some other treats but he could not remember how much he spent so I have guesstimated!!
    I will do a Mr T delivery shop over the weekend as we are running out of oil, marg, cereal etc which is beyond my carrying limits on the buggy!! Just need to decide whether to use Mr A or Mr T ;)
    Sealed pot Member target £200 - No. 151
    GC Yearly £3k so far £1097 May£220/£300
    £1k in 100 days so far - £235 :p
    Snowball debt free calculator says DEC 09 - lets hope we can do it!

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    Hi Cranky 40

    Why don't you make some flapjacks, but stuff them with seeds and dried fruit such as currents and apricots, thgis will be slow releasing and also the oats will swell up in your tummy a bit, you can also freeze them or they will keep for a good few days in a container.

    Going to plan my big shop for today.

    Debt free date May 20. Now the Mortgage1 £53862.45/£ 0% starting daily interest £4.48/£
    MFW No. 140 £5400/£496
  • Just updating my signature and getting up to date on the thread. there's loads on since I last looked.

    I thought about moving to an annual target as I do a costco meat shop about once a year, but I think I will have better control if I set up a slush fund that I put my GC balance into when (if?) I am under budget and use that.

    Im off to read the freezing thread now for some waste not want not inspiration.
  • morning spent abit of money on bits and bobs and it took me up to £100 ... £50 left so that £25 a weeks .... hmmmm .... bit of a strech been told we migh (word being might) get our next pay a few days early but im not holding my breathe.... i gotta get a few things today fruit and veg and gotta get frozen tomorrow so i might see if i can make it last 2 weeks i have a big bag of frozen chicken and 2 packets of mince so theres at least 4-5 meals for the 3 of us so theres a week :D ... report back later x
    :)Still searching .....:)
  • Just had a shock, I usually go to a wholesalers on a Sat am when it's open to the general public and buy my fruit and veg for the week. Typically it's about £8-£10 per week doing it this way.
    Today I arrive to find it closed (bad debts and lack of trade is quoted on the door) I have to feel sorry for them as they are very nice people who own it and it must be devastating for them but in order to get fruit and veg for the week I went to Mr S and spent £18.43 and I was careful to buy basics where possible.
    Last year it wasn't worth my while to 'grow your own' as the wholesale prices didn't justify it but this year it looks like a different matter.

    Anyone got any ideas on how to save on the fruit and veg bill. I do lfind that my will power is not strong enough to go to a supermarket and not spend on other items therefore going to a supermarket for reduced items several times a week is not an option , also it's 6 miles away.
    January food 175.00 spent 181.60 oops nothing left. £4000 challenge/3384.49 left
    heating oil £396.69,
    NSD 13/20
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    I limit myself to roughly the amount I need to get the bits I want .This week I only took a tenner with me when I went shopping yesterday, and managed to get all my veggies, plus milk,500 grams of cheese and a few odds and ends extra for £8.62. I know if I had taken my purse with the full £40.00 in I would have spent more.
    I now won't go near the shops until next Friday.If I run out of anything I will improvise.I have long-life milk in the fridge at a pinch or some marvel.if I fancy a milky pud I shall use that.I also have lots of frozen veggies to use up in the freezer. I have taken to buying a 500gm bag of grated cheese as it seems to last so much longer than a block and it's only £1.98 a bag.

    Re; the soup in the freezer, I treated myself before Christmas to some of Lakelands soup bags and they are worth every penny.They seal beautifully, and are so easy to stack in the freezer.After frozen but still soft enough to flatten I lay them on their sides on top of each other and can store lots of soup this way.I also use one to store frozen chopped onions in as the smell doesn't permeate the rest of the freezer.I think they were about 33-4 for about 20 and they wash out brilliantly after use.

    I think we are all doing so well on here and its the fact that we are 'thinking' about how to streetch out a meal to two days as well as not spending so much that is improving all our bank balances.
    Until last September I suppose I used to spend avarage about £35-45 a week on shopping.A lot of which I didn't really need and my cupboards were full, and also my freezer.Over the past few months I have whittled it down and now can get through a month on about a quarter of that with no waste and less junk in my cupboards. I have been putting the excess away towards my next years holiday, and to see the holiday fund growing every month is great.
    I only have myself to feed admittedly and I do feel for those with families as it must be a nightmare at times keeping everyone happy with whats on their plate, but I have noticed how much everyone seems to come up with another recipe for everyone to try, or a different idea for streetching the meal a bit . Well done everyone take a pat on the back I think you are all doing wonderfully well:A :A
    Just read and agreed cucumbers are overpriced, so I just didn't buy one ,made do with a marked down organic celery at 23p yesterday.I have some garlic and herb roule-type cheese to perk it up with . I always wrap the celery in tin-foil it makes it last a lot longer in the fridge, when it's really past its crispness then it gets chopped and put into soup or a curry as an extra veg
  • gillst wrote: »
    Still within original budget, but only just - I am not going to last to end of month. I had set our budget low this month due to having an excess of food in after Christmas but I do seem to have underestimated. Have quite a large storecupboard of goodies, but lacking veg, fruit and dairy products.

    Do I revise my budget here, or do I just declare the fact that I went over budget and start again next month. Will have to have an increased budget next month, thinking along the lines of £250.00

    Does anyone know where I can buy flaked rice? Can find ground rice, pudding rice and samolina, but cannot find flaked rice anywhere.
    Its up to you bud Id just declare I overspent! Its not a crime after all-lots of us do it! Then allow a bit of breathing space for Feb-sometimes better to allow a bit more than you really want to spend(if you can). So if you really wanted to spend only £220 youd keep that figure in your head but say £250 on here so you have a little leeway.
    Flaked rice-the best place years ago was Co-op-not sure if thats still the case but health food shops is the only other hope?

    Cheap washing up liquid people ask for-again-Co-op is the only place Ive found any all of last year! 19p at present. I buy 4 at a time.
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • Afternoon all

    I have to agree with you JackieO.... I nipped into ALDI yesterday with €15 in my purse... picked up what I needed and extra oranges/yoghurts ...and spent just over €8 .... The more you have in your purse the more I think you are inclined to buy "extras"

    I have stopped meal planning as such too -I know what I have in, so know I can make a whole selection of meals, but will improvise .... like the other day I knew I was running low on onions -(I use loads)-so what was going to be potato and onions in the remoska (which would have used up all the onions) became jacket potato, cottage cheese and salad (as I had far more potatoes than onions to use ;) )

    We have just had potatoes n onions (now I have plenty again) in the remoska with fresh baked bread -hubby had 1/3 tin of cornedbeef in his potatoes as it was in the freezer and im not a fan of it like that :p

    Im not going to have to buy anything else that I can think of before we get paid again on the 25th (fingers crossed) I won't declare yet -just in case ;) but if I have finished I will be really impressed as I haven't touched the housekeeping ..so that will be €450 more staying in the savings account:T

    Hope everyone is doing well :D
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    Shopped yesterday morning but mostly for a dinner I gave last night, was pleased to find some reduced veg - carrots 15p and swede 8p, 16.88 spent. Have got a pot of soup in SC now for tonight and will be using up leftovers from yesterday. I will not be doinga big shop this week, will use up from fridge and store and just buy top up of bread and milk.
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    Spent €111 this morning, but have everything I need for at least next week...there will be stuff over after that...only thing I couldn't get was Lidl DW tabs, they didn't have any, not going anywhere else just for one thing as I will only spend money I don't need to. Have now spent around €236 so still have €66 left if I need to spend more, will see how it goes...have decided that if there is any surplus I will put it towards something I want in the kitchen...

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