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frozen HM roast potatoes

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  • Hi

    Somebody mentioned in a thread about freezing roast potates...can anyone tell me the best way to reheat them please?

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  • Pink.Pink. Forumite
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    Hi sarahlou,

    Pre-heat the oven to high. I usually set it to 250 degrees. Put the frozen roast potatoes on a tray and cook for about 15 - 20 minutes until they are piping hot.

    I'll add your post to the original thread to keep the replies together.

  • weemissyweemissy Forumite
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    What kind of oil do you use for your roast pots.? - I only have olive oil (burn in high heat?) or sunflower oil. Also can I do baked pots and freeze - if so how?
    Thanks :D
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  • weemissyweemissy Forumite
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    oh no - nobody replied to my oil question and my tatties are all green and sprouting now:cry:
    :hello:there's me, OH, DS 10, DD 7,
    and our deranged border collie - sadly put to sleep Aug 23rd 09 :cry: now have our GSD x collie oct 10
  • Patchwork_QuiltPatchwork_Quilt Forumite
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    I use olive oil for roasties, unless I'm feeling really naughty and there is some fat left from roasting a chicken or if I put them round the bird. This is far better for taste/crispiness.

    I have found that reheated jacket potatoes taste rather odd unless you do something to them. The best thing to do with a spare one is to take the inside out, mash it with some cheese and mayonnaise and rebake for 30 mins. I'm not sure I'd freeze them.
  • irishwexfordirishwexford Forumite
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    I have just used the last of the roast pototoes I froze for Christmas. It is so easy. I cook them in vegetable oil but not too hot as it smells for ages but I do defrost them up on a higher heat. I will make a batch of them and yorkshires every now and then to freeze. I used to throw leftover yorkshires out for birds but now I freeze them for later.
  • weemissyweemissy Forumite
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    Thanks for your replies - going to try the olive oil and the chicken fat. Also going to try to make yorkshires - never done this before but people keep saying its easy
    :hello:there's me, OH, DS 10, DD 7,
    and our deranged border collie - sadly put to sleep Aug 23rd 09 :cry: now have our GSD x collie oct 10
  • RakshaRaksha Forumite
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    My fail safe receipe for yorkshire puddings is:

    4oz plain flour
    2 whole eggs
    Milk to mix to a thin batter (about half a pint/ 250 ml)

    Put flour in a bowl, add the eggs and about half the milk. Mix this together vigorously until it's evenly mixed, then add a little more milk and beat, repeat adding the milk and beating until it's a about the same consistency as glass paint (don't worry if it's a little lumpy - adds to the character). Set the batter aside while you put a little bit of fat or oil in a tin. I use suet in a muffin tin, about a teaspoon per hole is about right. Put this in a very hot oven (250 degrees or gas mark 7-8 if you've got nothing else in there) for 5 mins. When it's really hot and the fat is smoking, take it out of the oven and pour the batter in - you don't need much in each hole, I used a soup ladle full - 1 ladle in each hole. Do this as quickly as you can and put it back in the over at about 220 degrees (gas mark 6?) for about 20 mins. Honestly, these have never let me down - yorkies about 2" high!
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  • Thanks Raksha - Going to try this, do you think it will work with wheat free flour?
    :hello:there's me, OH, DS 10, DD 7,
    and our deranged border collie - sadly put to sleep Aug 23rd 09 :cry: now have our GSD x collie oct 10
  • zippychickzippychick Forumite
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    Again, another bumpy for those who haven't seen it. Going to try a test run before christmas. I am also renowned for my roast potatoes (me and my Mum argue over whose are better, mine or marks and sparks. Only the only time she had them recently was on mothers day when she got far too drunk and i had to delay dinner so ruined the roasties!)

    So anyway, i need to check it doens't impair the flavour or taste!
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