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Extra Financial Support for Mature Student

Hi there, I am a 33 student starting a 3 year course in Sept 04. We claim some tax credit, but to claim some more to help towards permanent child care , I am working the 16 hours required by our government. My wife works fulltime and earns just above the threshold. My student loan will go on course fees etc. Does any else know off any else I may be able to claim for or apply to for some help.


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    The college should have "Access Funds". Enquire at the college for details, I'm not sure what they cover, but worth looking into. Also ask at college for any other help available.
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    With access funds at my uni anyway, you had to apply for a £500 top up loan, then you qualify for £100 access grant. If you trust yourself, you could apply and stick the £500 in a savings account towards paying off the loan.

    It might be worth checking some of the obscure bursaries and stuff. They have awards each year for the third daughter of a merchant seaman or other criteria. There might be one for working parents.
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    If you ask your LEA they sometimes provide up to 85% costs of Childcare - depending onyour situation etc.
    Might be different if you're both working but won't hurt to apply for all the grants available.
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