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January 2009 Grocery Challenge

in Old style MoneySaving
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  • Hope everyone's doing well with their challenges. As usual, I've got some catching up to do to see how everyone's getting on.:o

    I'm doing well so far this month. Got over £200 left in the pot from my £300 budget, just setting up a list in mysupermarket for MrT tomorrow and it's looking like £30ish. So I'll be just over a third of the way through the month, and about the same place in the budget :D Usually I'm at least halfway through the cash by this point in the month.

    Made MrsM's corned beef hash for tea last night - mmmmmmmm :D With dumplings - mmmmmmmmmm :D Got leftovers in the fridge and going to make some pastry and turn them into a pie for tomorrow's tea - mmmmmmmmmmmm :D (Can you tell this one went down well??? :rotfl:) Cheers for posting that recipe, MrsM :beer:
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  • Glad you like it BigBird :j

    Its a fave in this house -and the rest of my family (especially in this bloomin weather)... it will taste even better tomorrow ;) it develops flavour as it stands.. just be warned even if its quite solid when cold -it will slacken off when heated up ...just so you don't add more liquid and end up with it to sloppy (although then you can blitz it into soup :rotfl: )
    don't get me started on dumplings -I adore them... although I have discovered now that instead of putting half suet to flour you can get away with less -saving cals and money :T ..I use 100g sr flour and only 30g veg suet :D
    Today has been another NSD -mind I can't get anything in the freezer right now.... and its far to cold to go out -12 again today and the snow won't budge :rolleyes:
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  • spent another £60 on shopping but did get quite a bit on whoopsies and lots of baking items i needed as finally run out. My mum has just gone to makro so i gave her my order to get in for me so tommorow i will have a total on that which i know is going to put me well over this months budget but i think that because the items i have asked her to get me should see me for 3-4 months in some cases i might spread it over 3-4 months which wont make it as bad. will let you know my new total tommorow
    Still Trying :o
    Grocery challenge July 2016
  • Sistercas- barabrith is speckled bread,or Welsh teabread.
    Originally it was made by throwing a handful of dried fruit into the last lump of dough,so traditionally it should be made with yeast-however I have made it this way and it's not quite so nice as done with dried mixed fruit soaked in tea.
    Too dry made with yeast and didn't keep so well.
    Recipe below if you fancy a go.

    Welsh teabread
    500gm dried mixed fruit and peel
    300ml strong hot tea
    250gm SR flour
    1 teaspoon mixed spice
    125gm dark brown muscovado sugar(lovely flavour/colour but can use white)
    1 egg forked to blend

    Soak fruit and peel in a roomy bowl in the tea for at least 6 hrs or overnight.
    Sieve the flour and spice into the soaked friut(no need to drain),stir in the sugar and egg.Beat all together till smooth.
    Heat the oven to 150C(130C in fan oven)gas mark2.Line a loaf tin(2lb tin just right)with buttered paper and tip in the mixture.Bake for about 1&1/2 hours,when it should be well risen,firm and brown.Cool and store for at least two days,until rich and gluey,it needs a few days to develop its characteristic elasticity.Slice thinly and spread with butter.
    Freezes well so worth making a double batch.
    Also low fat -until you g*b butter on:o

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  • orchid-96 wrote: »
    Does anyone else have a compulsion to shop? I just love nothing better than to mooch around aldi/morrisons etc. looking for 'bargains' a nsd for me is a realy achievement!!! but I am trying my hardest with today being a nsd (fingers crossed) I have meal planned the whole week and am going to try my best not to 'nip' to the shops for anything....

    Anyway hope you are all not tooo cold today....

    orchid-96 I am exactly the same. I love popping into different shops just to see what's on offer. I really am struggling to stay under budget this month -my first in the challenge, but I have been batch cooking today and I also made some Pea and Ham soup with the Ham Stock left over from xmas and DH loved it. Also, I had a small rolled shoulder of lamb and lots of veggies in the slo-cooker for dinner today which was also yummy. I'm keeping the leftover juices from the dinner to hopefully make some lamb and lentil soup for later in the week. I haven't made this before so I hope it's not too disgusting:eek: . As for the NSD, I promised myself not to spend anything today, but we need more milk so...........:rotfl: Any excuse and co-op sometimes do have a few reduced bits later in the day.
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  • evening lovelys aint been on in a couple of days but updated my sig ... anybody found that they can be really good monday-friday (day time) but that weekend (well saturday) it goes to pot ... well did a little for me Grrrrr spent about £30 so angry at myself but i went in shops when bump started craving things (thats my excuse and im stucking to it) but i added it all i intead to shame myself til i get back to my old budgeting non slipping self... on the plus side NSD today as spent most the day cleaning DD room that was a job on its own... well tomorrow i i ntead to carry on getting the house sorted and baking for pack lunchs and snack ... hobnobs how ive missed thee x
    :)Still searching .....:)
  • Ooo, Queen Of String, those dumplings sound lovely! I am going to have a go at those next month (menu is planned for this month) - we are veggie and I'm thinking of cooking some mushrooms and sesame seeds in some sesame oil to use as a filling, with sweet chilli dip. Really looking forward to them and will have to be very strong to not try and slip it unplanned into the menu!!

    Does anyone have any recipes for sweet chilli dip / other chinese sauces?

    We stopped off at a roadside stall today to pick up some fruit and salad stuff - - huge bag of mushrooms, large fennel bulb, bag of radishes, a lettuce, a bag of apples, and a dozen free range eggs for £4.64. It seems like a very small amount, the eggs were £1 for half doz so that means the rest cost £2.64 - I'm sure that can't be right! I didn't pay much attention at the time as I was trying to stop DS5 from running off onto a busy road, it was only when I got home and worked out my money that I noticed. Feeling guilty now :(
  • Went to tesco today for a loaf of bread (i know forgot to put bread maker on last night).I ended up getting loads of whoopsies
    Big bag of sprouts 5p
    3xloafs of bread 27p
    box of cakes 50p
    danish pastrys 15p
    97p im so pleased with these but struggling to fit them in the freezer .
    Hope every-one is doing well on their challenges
    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D
  • dreamingofmoneydreamingofmoney Forumite
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    Orchard-96, are we seperated at birth, i am exactly the same it is my guilty pleasure getting a bargain. Went for blooming petrol today and ended coming out with a bag of potato's which had been reduced to 75p, just can't help a bargain.
    Will add them onto total in a bit
    P.S to whoever started the Grocery Challenge, Many Thanks. This is my first month and i am addicted, long may it continue
    Debt free date May 20. Now the Mortgage1 £53862.45/£ 0% starting daily interest £4.48/£
    Jan GC £400/£Out of the water Feb £400/£
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    Well, no roast dinner today-pork had not defrosted when it was time to cook, even though had been out for a good 20 hours. Will have it tomorrow, with leftovers for sandwiches on tuesday. Going to have leftover cottage pie, done with a few chips, peas and sweetcorn instead.

    A NSD for me, even though could have done with a bottle of milk, just didn't feel up to going to the shop. Weather has been awful and I've had a sore shoulder (slipped on Christmas Eve and hurt it).
    Grocery budget £2069.85/£2400 yearly (approx £200/month-any leftovers from the monthly budget go into the savings pot which can be used for stocking up/price rises as needed)

    Savings Pot £130.75

    Saving for Christmas 2023 #15 £ / £365

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