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    Happy New Year everyone.

    I've not been taking part in this challenge for the last couple of months but as you can see from my sig I had been doing pretty good with it.

    Anyway I know that I have an overdraft that needs to be cleared as soon as possible. I'm not sure how much it is and I think I'll need a couple of glasses of wine to provide me with the courage to look. But I'll do that later and then start my pad.

    I'll go back to adding my monthly total to my sig with my overall total in brackets .

    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
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    happy new year! £1.01 for savings today. although the uneven amounts will drive me mad, i like the idea of adding the day number to the end to keep track of the payments. :)

    have put away all the christmas stuff (tree, cards etc) but DH couldn't be bothered taking down the outside lights so they will twinkle 'til the weekend. feel a bit more "normal" now.

    have weighed myself this morning and decided that this extra 15lbs worth of baby weight (he's nearly 4!) have to go. i know it may not sound like much, but having dropped a few stone already i can assure you that it's the last few pounds that are the hardest!

    now i just need to get my a?! in gear - first challenge, tomorrow morning - getting out of pajamas in a timely fashion (have been a real sloth this break and it's got to stop!).

    well done to everyone who has paid off a debt or made some new plans for the coming months. we can do it! xx
    Mortgage free as of 11/11/15 !
    :Anow... to start some serious saving :A

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    Hello peeps hiding.gif .....

    Happy New Year to you all ..... wc24v7_th.jpg happy-144.gif ......

    Flippin' 'eck ...... loads of posts on here since last night ! ....

    Will catch up with them all in the morning ......

    Here's my Good and Bad for today ....

    The Good - Added £3 to my pot ...:D
    A NSD for me today ...:D

    The Bad - It's still CHOCCY free here .... rjmnp4_th.jpg ....only because i haven't been out !

    Keep smiling shineysmile.gif...

    Catch you all tomorrow ...

    terri x t5kora_th.jpg
    " When I'm good I'm very good , but when I'm bad I'm better " ~ Mae West ..
  • Hi all have been lurking around MSE for a while now but only just decided to join up. Everyone seems very friendly and whilst I have not got the confidence to share just how much I owe with everyone at present I do realise how much debt I am in and am determined to get out of it. 2008 has been a bad year for me, well in fact the last 4 years have due to illness and family problems I am determined that 2009 is gonna be better and today I have taken my first step and made my PAD for the day which is £20 towards my next account. I purchased a next gift voucher worth £20 off a neighbour who wanted £18 for it and immediately scratched the panel off the back and logged into my next account and paid it off straight away. So saved myself £2 too.

    Good luck to everyone in their debt free challenges xxx
    DMP starting 1/3/09 - thanks to CCCS & MSE
    I am now proud to be dealing with my debts!
    Big thanks to everyone on the DMP Mutual Support Thread
    your support has inspired me to get this sorted once and for all xx
  • Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

    Well I've read all 235 pages from the first post which has been very inspiring and you've all done so well on your payment a day that i'm all motivated to join you if that's ok?
    I owe a lot to a lot of places (will work out how to do a list thing at the bottom soon - not very technical me) but am determined that from today, everyday I will owe someone a little less!
    Nothing spare in the bank to pay anyone but a NSD today so change from purse into pot which will bank each week £2.78 for me today YAY!

    Here's to a debt busting year for all of us!

    secretsmiler x
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  • Hi mnm, welcome to the family! Everyone here is lovely, so when you're ready to reveal all, or some, there will be loads of us for advice and moral support...

    Sarah x
    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
  • Hi mnm, welcome to the family! Everyone here is lovely, so when you're ready to reveal all, or some, there will be loads of us for advice and moral support...

    Sarah x

    Thanks Sarah for the warm welcome. Have a lot on my plate at the mo - bad health which I need to realise is as good as it gets and that I can only do as much each day as my body can handle. I need to realise that I am not superhuman. Also over the past 8 months I have taken onboard a lot of problems caused by other family members which has resulted in more debt and whilst I have got a lot out of it I have also encountered a lot of heartache which I didnt need and now understand that I need to say "NO" once in a while and use the authorities as much as I can before leaping head first into something that quite frankly no one else who should care - gives a dam about.

    I wont go into it all too much as to be honest at the mo I think if I started writing about it I would have a serious mental breakdown. I need to start backing off from the problem and concentrate on me for a change. I spoke with my father today about it, he has been beside me throughout the problems which I must say are not from my side of the family they are from my husbands. My father has been my rock he has been the only reason that I have not gone insane before now and not done something stupid. My father has told me that I should write down what has gone on as it would make a good read and would help people understand just why in the news we hear so many horror stories about child abuse. I would love to write it all down into a readable story and maybe with his help I will do it in time but for now I will just keep my diary upto date with all the goings on.

    For now I am just taking one day at a time. Sorry for rambling on and on.
    DMP starting 1/3/09 - thanks to CCCS & MSE
    I am now proud to be dealing with my debts!
    Big thanks to everyone on the DMP Mutual Support Thread
    your support has inspired me to get this sorted once and for all xx
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    Hey all!

    Thanks for all of you who understood my strop last night! I ended up watching Narnia and lusting over Prince Caspian while supping my Barcardi & Coke!!!!

    Anyhow, £4 to Littlewoods today. xx
    Competition wins in 2009 - Nothing so far :confused:

    Been busy today celebrating big twins 18th Birthday where did the time go? :confused:.

    Also been busy this evening getting the house ready for the estate agent to come and do the valuation tomorrow. Really can't believe we are doing this but have told a few people today so no going back now:rolleyes:.

    Need to do a few jobs before we actually put it on the market about a month's worth I guess, but need a valuation as we have been here 11 years and don't know what we are likely to get for it.

    No PAD today as I need to sort out the online payment for my Goldfish card as it has been taken over by Barclaycard don't want to make the payment to the wrong account no.

    Love the new thread.

  • Hi everyone and happy new year. I have been lurking on this thread for a while and I think it's a fantastic idea. I have made it my new year resolution to make a payment a day even if it's 1p. I'll be putting the money in a jar and will pay it towards one of the credit card debts at the end of the month. Only had coppers left in my purse after last night so my first PAD is 18p:eek:
    January GC £38.35/£150
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