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Hi all
Hope this is in the right section - just wondered what people get for their money across the UK in Rubbish and ReCycling? I live in Telford in Shropshire and we get:

GREY WHEELIE BIN : General Rubbish Collected 2 weekly

GREEN WHEELIE BIN: Garden Rubbish Collected 2 weekly

RED SMALL BOX : Meant for Tins,Glass,Cans etc 2 weekly

Our Bin men are very good and will take extras in Plastic bags like mags and newspapers but they don't take PLASTIC BOTTLES, I have asked council but they say its carrying a lot of air and they like people to do their own in local Plastic Bottle banks in Supermarkets etc etc.

How does everyone else cope??
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    In South Bucks we get plastic bags for rubbish and two crates, one for paper and one for bottles/tins collected every 2 weeks. We do not have wheelie bins at all. Overall a very poor recycling service compared to Berkshire next door who seem to have wheelie bins for everything including garden waste.
  • hi i have the same problem until i relised that if you take your plastic and everything else for that matter to tesco to recycle if you have a clubcard they give you green points its not many but in the last month i have 70 green points from this thats 70p that i would not have had and i shop at tesco anyway so im not going out of my way
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    In Milton Keynes we have a weekly collection for General Waste and Recycling (pink sak for paper, tins, cardboard and bottles (lids removed), box for glass bottles). Fortnightly we have a green bin garden waste collection.

    With the price of recyled materials falling throught the floor, I'm not sure how long this can go on for - we'll be paying China to take our recycling shortly.
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    In gloucestershire we get 1 black bin for normal rubbish which is collected every week, 1 green box for tins, glass jars/bottles, newspapers or paper and plastic milk cartons which is collected every week, and we get 1 green bin for garden rubbish which is collected every 2 weeks. The only time we are allowed to have sacks out is over the Christmas period
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    In East Hants we get 1 wheelie bin for general rubbish, 1 for paper, cardboard,tins & plastic bottles, both collected alternate weeks [fortnightly collectoin]

    Plus black box for glass, collected monthly

    Green garden waste collection is fortnightly, if you want it it will cost £18 per year for a large green bag

    At least the council has issued edict to bin men, no silly "the lid is open 4 inches & we are not taking it" rules, providing it is in bin it goes
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    We're on a 2 bin setup. General waste one week, plastics/cardboard/metal bin the next. Glass is done by the individual at a local bottle bank.
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    I live in York and we have grey wheelie bin for general waste and for recycling we have a green wheelie bin for garden waste, a green box for for tins and glass, green bag for cardboard, blue bag for paper and an other bag for plastic bottles/aerosoles. These are on collected alternate weeks -fortnightly collection.

    They don't take other types of plastic such as ice cream tubs. Foil and batteries can be taken to one of the recyling centres around the city.
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    I live in West London...

    Green box = paper, card, tins, bottles , foil...

    White bag = all plastic

    Pink Bags = garden waste

    Green lidded tub = all food waste

    Black Sack = general waste..

    All collected same day every week

    Then along comes the road cleaner to clean any dropped rubbish...

    I feel we get an excellent service and now I only put out One black sack each month instead of every week...
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    I'm in County Durham. We have a black wheelie bin which is emptied weekly for general rubbish. Lots of stupid rules - no extra rubbish, lid must be flat, bin must be on edge of property with handle facing the road, etc.

    Recycling collected fortnightly - small green box for cans, tins and glass. Strong green bag for paper, card, packaging materials, newspapers/magazines, plastic bottles, tetrapak cartons, plastic food trays etc. They will take extra if you fill the box/bag.

    No regular provision for garden waste, although we can ring the council and pay £5 to have large quantities of garden waste or big things like old furniture collected. For small quantities you either have to hide it in the black bin (well packed so they can't tell :o ) or take it to the tip where they have a skip just for garden waste.

    At the moment the bin is going out weekly and it's barely half full, but the recycling is always overflowing. It would make sense if they did the recycling weekly and the wheely bin fortnightly IMO.
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    I'm in Argyll, and all we have is:
    one fortnightly collection of paper/card refuse (blue wheelie bin)
    one weekly collection of all other refuse (green wheelie bin)
    I don't think they dare change our general collection to fortnightly until they provide other home collection of recyclables.

    We can't even get bottle banks in our village - it's a 30 minute drive to our nearest bottle banks, 45 minutes to recycle anything else. And our Tesco is one of those that doesn't give points for recycling, so the only incentive is planet-saving rather than money-saving.
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