The 'complete this challenge' challenge...suitable for all!

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    I promised I'd be back, had a rough day today personally but sort of turned it a round in the end,

    - shredded two bags, one to go
    - dusted my room
    - cleared out two cupboards,
    - wrote down all my passwords for the survey/bingo sites and updated my preferences etc cleared my inbox of crap!

    tomorrow i have tackle the consevatory!! must make a list!

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    Morning all,

    Today I am going to
    1. Clean house
    2. Do ironing:rotfl:
    3. Stocktake in kitchen
    4. Tweak menu plan using info above
    5. Go shopping for essentials with list (take no cards, cash only)
    6. Pay money owed by DD/DS off CC
    7. Make onion marmalade
    8. Don't buy/drink any alcohol
    9. Go for a walk/ run
    OK think that will do to start,

    Buffy hope you are OK hun ((hugs)) if you need them,

    Hope everyone else is ok too :D

  • Morning everyone - right my list for today is :-

    1 - NOT eat chocolate - this will be the hardest one of all!
    2 - Go to SW weigh in and dont chicken out
    3 - Make list for food shopping and stick to it
    4 - Pay the money in the bank that is sitting round the house
    5 - Work out budget for January
    6 - Make payment a day to MBNA
    7 - Make a proper start on Living Room instead of half heartedly looking round it and then giving up!

    I have a day off work today and I am not going to waste it! xx
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    Gooooooooooooood Morning everyone:D

    today's list

    - go to post xmas Slimming World weigh in . I am scared:eek: I am wearing my thinnest underwear and will be taking my glasses off:rotfl:
    - done Wii Fit - lots of aerobic stuff ready for above weigh in
    - do as much MSE stuff . Was good yesterday at the sales and only bought a Beano Annual for hubby who collects them but got it for £2 instead of £8. I also spent a Lush voucher but got a free gift worth £13.50
    - ironing

    have a great day:D
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  • Am I too late to join this challenge?

    I'm tired of. and embarrassed about, the abortive attempts I have made on other challenges......just don't mention the "live on £4K" one :o

    Here are my challenges for January anyway:
    • Clear DD's room properly (i.e. not just move the stuff to around the house) in order to receive a lodger in February.
    • start clearing the loft
    • clear the patio of the bits of wood/old furniture etc that have accumulated there. This being the first stage of sorting the garden in 2009.
    • Get back into writing, by putting aside Sunday afternoons (except when visiting aged P's, or Skyping Popeye, or other excuses :o ) to do it.
    • Contact planning authority to work out a way of extending our property to accomodate the extra family we may acquire (see above) if the lodger and we are happy to carry on for years. We have a collection of step-kids and we don't want any of them to feel ousted or unwelcome. The extension may only be a garden office, but we need to plan.
    • lose some weight and get as fit as my arthritus will allow. I'm sure the weight I've put on in recent years is down to me being less active because of stiff joints.
    So my challenges aren't really DFW, they're mostly about my home, and I should achieve them.......with the encouragement I get on here I WILL :D
  • babs2008babs2008 Forumite
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    Morning everyone. Hope everyone's well and doing great on their challenges.

    In addition to my original 2 goals, this week I will:

    3) Bank my cheque for £175 and put it all into my savings.
    4) Get some money bags from the bank, sort out all of my loose coppers and put them in the savings account too. There's probably only a few pounds but everything helps.

    And from January onwards I will:

    5) Get a better job I love (and hopefully pays lots) as soon as possible.

    Everyone has so many good ideas. I think I'll try to think of some more.
    Looking forward to the future.
  • I'd like to join in please. I liked the idea of the four categories, so here are my 2009 plans:

    Home - clear out remains of uncle's house clearance from garage and dining room; declutter rest of house - ruthless!
    Personal - stop being so insular and reconnect with friends and family
    Financial - continue with savings plan started this year thanks to MSE
    Health - don't allow my medical condition to control my life like it has this year

    Each of these requires detailed plans to achieve - I'll update as I go along.
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    Good morning all

    DH has gone to work today so just me and DD's - plans for the day.....

    [STRIKE]Wash DD's hair AGAIN....they both wanted pink streaks for christmas but they're not fading as fast as I need them to for school.....oops.[/STRIKE]Currently in progress

    [STRIKE]Tackle the dresser in the kitchen - it houses all the table clothes/mats/coasters and it's in a jumbled mess......will sort the 2 draws out too and aim to add at least one item to the freecycle pile.[/STRIKE] Done - nothing for freecycle but 6 things chucked.

    [STRIKE]Go for a walk - could do with a blast of cold, fresh air and DD's can take their bikes and get some exercise (will be a NSD as there's no shops in the village)[/STRIKE] Took the rubbish out and decided to forego this one today - it's still -2 according to the thermometer and the wind's icy.

    Sort out the fridge and veg rack and peel/blanch/mash anything that's looking dodgy.

    Check out utilities, make sure we're on the cheapest tarriff and see if I need to up my DD's.

    Check out the snowballing site and try and make best use of DH's £40ish a month payrise.

    Oh and ....get dressed......:rotfl:
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    Thanks Mari, feel better today.

    and Oliveoyl Long time no see! How are you?!!!

    and where have you been hiding!!

    Nevertheless she persisted.
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    I read through this thread this morning, and am *really* impressed. I'm not sure what to put on here myself - I'm doing the monthly £10 a day challenge, and I do keep up with it because I have a paper I blu tak to the wall and write every single thing down on there (and a separate piece of paper to list all *cash*, which gets to go into a separate account nowadays, to make an overpayment that'll reduce the mortgage, till I figure out how to use it permanently). However, there's more I need to be doing, like the decluttering, which will encourage me to be more orderly in what I do, as well as being more social and things like that: I'm going to start a new diary off with a post listing that kind of stuff. So, I'll be back on New Year's Day - well, I'll be back before then, but lurking.... good luck everyone.
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