Shady Lawn


We have a small lawn, which mostly is in the shade.
The problem is, that it is nearly muddy in the areas where no sun is getting. What can I do to improve the drainage? Any tips on how to care for this type of lawn?

Thank you very much

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    I hate to say it but I think you're on a hiding to nothing with this lawn - My front lawn is in shade for all but 4-5 months of the year - well you can't call it a lawn - a soggy collection of weeds and moss is all it is!

    I keep removing parts of it and replacing with shade loving plants when my DH isn't looking!
    Just call me Nodwah the thread killer
  • You can buy shade-tolerant grass seed (even B&Q sell it) but in really dark shade you're wasting your time. Grass likes light; so you might have to grow soemthing else.
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