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Freezer in a shed...



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    I have 2 freezers outside under a covered area in my yard, protected from the elements and plugged into an insulated outside socket and its great, not had any problems with them at all since we moved in in May, I am the same, no room in the house for them at all.
  • kwattkwatt Forumite
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    We get asked this a lot.

    This article gives a full explanation and detail of the climate classes available but, the short of it is, no domestic refrigeration or freezer is designed to work below 10˚C or above 38˚C.

    Now, they MAY work outside those ranges for a while but don't be surprised if they fail early with insulation failures or you get water running down the sides etc. as that's the sort of thing that will happen. However, it can take months or even a few years for these faults to develop.

    The other little thing to watch for is that, if the appliance is not installed in accordance with the instructions, as in outside the temperature range that is clearly on the instructions, you will have no warranty whatsoever. It is considered to be an inappropriate use of the machine and the manufacturers will disown the machine. Likewise any insurance on the machine or insurance on the contents will likely be invalidated.

    Been there many times and seen people loses hundreds of pounds worth of food with no recompense due to the fact that the machine was incorrectly installed.


    "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. Its what you know for sure that just ain't so." Mark Twain
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    we just brought new freezer to put in the outhouse (a room attached to the house but no heating) and all my stuff was not freezing so turned it to full setting so it would freeze, then christmas eve found in fridge department carrots,turkey,brussels etc etc etc all FROZEN.

    so be careful where you put it as like others have said its not covered by warrenty the lady from argos i spoke to when complaing said it has to be in a heated room. hth
    have now given up smoking since feb 13th 2014 loving the money I'm saving
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