The 'complete this challenge' challenge...suitable for all!

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  • That's a good idea Pooky, especially as mortgage rates have come down so there's a good chance she's paying a little less than she was last year. That's reminded me that I need to do some balance transfers and look into switching the utilities etc again. Also got to do the home insurances through Quidco before the 29th...which is tomorrow! D'oh.
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    thanks for my number- 23 my age :rotfl:

    done gym and wii fit today - will have to stop being so keen as I keep unlocking extra stuff to do
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  • Is wii fit fun MM? I've got one but it hasn't even been out the box yet.:o

    My de-cluttering isn't going to plan. DH has just rung me at work to say Adam (4) is heartbroken that his toy workbench is being given away. But he hasn't played with it since he got it last Christmas and it was going to a playgroup where it would definitely get used. :confused: What to do?! He didn't mind the other stuff leaving but is upset over this. But I really need it to go because I need that space in his bedroom for some of his new things! Aaaaaaargh. Kids.
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    Thanks for the number too pandapaws.

    This has really made me determined to save.

    A small update - I've been given a cheque for £175 :j I'm just wondering whether I should put it all in my savings or spend some - maybe 50/50 :confused:

    Any thoughts? ... Should I just take the plunge and bank it? It would be a good start to the challenge as I'm not likely to get anywhere near that amount all at once again.
    Looking forward to the future.
  • Who gave you it Babs? If it was a gift, where they expected you to buy yourself something nice with it then go for the 50/50 but if it was something less personal then go for the savings. Is there anything that you actually NEED or would you be spending it for the feel-good factor of buying something? Or could you bank £150 and get yourself £25 worth of something?
  • My mini-list for tonight is as follows:

    1. [STRIKE]Get as much free stuff as I can from Vertbaudet (kids clothes, gifts for friends etc) while the current discount code is valid [/STRIKE](for anyone else interested, the code is 2719, gives £10 off a £10+ spend, excluding sale/happy price items, plus free delivery. Sign in as new customer each time) Done very successfully!
    2. [STRIKE]Update the spreadsheet, including ALL credit cards and bank accounts[/STRIKE] Nightmare job took about 4 hours but done.
    3. Cancel an order for a new TV that I placed for some stupid reason a couple of days ago. Think I knew I'd probably cancel at the time, but it was a good deal and didn't want to regret not buying when the deal expired. I don't even watch TV as I've never got the time! DH needs to do it since it was bought with his card - tomorrow.
    4. Start clearing study desk and dining table. They're covered in the remnants of bodged tax return at the moment. Made a start
    5. If time permits, look into getting started on DooYou (or is it ReeVoo? Can't remember which). Got the referral Hypno - ta. Tomorrow!

    Now I've posted it here I've actually GOT to do it rather than just pretending. At least first on the list is fun - free shopping for lovely kids clothes!
  • Well the upstairs cupboard is done, and whats left in there is tidy.... one bag for the charity shop and one bag for the bin sat in the nursery for the morning. Have also taken apart the computer, and moved thye chest of drawers to where it needs to be... now just need to get OH to put the computer in the loft, get rid on the tabel and chair, and the nursery will be finished :)
    Have also got the box of ebay stuff down, so will do pictures later.... must upload turblister onto the laptop too....
    Phone call to the tax office tomorrow to get my UTR, then after visiting my Dad, will spend the evening doing my tax return...
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    I have done !!!!!! all for the last two days!!

    will report back tomorrow with progress I promise
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  • Phone call to the tax office tomorrow to get my UTR, then after visiting my Dad, will spend the evening doing my tax return...

    Sarah, do you need the UTR? I didn't have mine, but I found a scrap of paper with the Government Gateway log in name on it (12 random characters) and guessed the password, so if you've done it online before and have that you should be able to get in. It told me my UTR after I'd logged in.
  • I've got the Gateway number (somewhere!) but I'm sure it asked me for my UTR..... I'll dig the bit of paper out and give it a go again....
    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
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