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Hi All

New to OS but hoping someone will be able to help.

My New Year's resolution is to grow my own salad stuff and maybe some vegies in a couple of raised beds (supplied by my dad) and a couple of tubs.

I have an area which is about 6ft x 15ft which has paving slabs, these can't be taken up as the soil/junk underneath would never grow anything.

Would please like tips on what sort of compost to use in the beds, do they need lining with plastic and what sort of dates do I need to plant things.

Am going to try and get a small lean to greenhouse as well and also have a shed with enough room to start things off.

This is all totally new to me but my DD is also looking forward to doing this and I am hoping that we will be able to grow peas so that she might start eating them straight from the plant like I did as a child lol.

I know this is a bit early in the year but want to get things prepared in time.

Thank you.

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    Hi. Just above this section is the greenfingered bit. You will find loads of help and advice on there. Hope the weather is not too cold for you to make a start.
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    Yeah there's loads of question like this over on the greenfingered board..

    You could grow anything you like really, is it sunny?

    In my raised beds is a mixture of B&Q general purpose compost and ordinary soil, tubs you can fill with compost or what I often do is empty out cheapo grow bags into them ( gardening purists don't like that!)

    Decide what you like to eat and grow it and it may seem obvious, but odn't grow anything you don't like to eat - a lot of people grow cabbages etc coz they think that's what you do, but dont actually eat them!

    I would suggest you try redcurrants and blueberries in pots (the blueberries will need special compost called "ericaceus" get it at B&Q and don't wate rwith tap water if you're in a limey area) - my kids love to eat them straight off the plant - you can't get fresher! Tesco have had good fruit bushes in recent years in the spring - you may have to grow them for a year before you get any fruit.
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    Hi Sarellie,

    I've moved your thread over to the Greenfingered board where you should get more replies.

  • Thanks for that guys.
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