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December 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Bit embarassing this -
    its a fix it pie - ie I am using Just Roll puff pastry, a jar of white sauce (sometimes its just cheaper to buy a jar) and some cooked ham....
    Best Mxx
  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    saving..turkey pasta recipe really easy and not a proper recipe.......right put some pasta on to boil i used quills....fry some chopped bacon and a chopped onion and a chopped pepper in a bit of olive a seperate pan make a white sauce(melt nut of marg add tablespoon flour cook a bit then add milk stirring until u reach required consistency i like mine quite thin .....a bit of nutmeg is nice if u have it/like it) chop up some turkey then drain pasta and stir all pans ingredients together slop into oven proof dish sprinkle on grated cheese and bake in oven 10 mins to melt cheese and brown a pit.....i served it with a salad...........u could put other veg in if u needed to use it up i hope u like it and it uses up as much turkey as u want rid of tess
    onwards and upwards
  • Evening everyone

    TIP -for anyone making a pasta bake... stick the dried pasta in a pan, pour over boiling water and stick the lid on but DON'T switch the ring on... by the time the sauce is made the pasta should be cooked -saving on gas/electricity - If you are going to wang it in the oven/remoska -the pasta should have heated through nicely by the time you are ready to eat it :T
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    Just popping on to say hi, and a belated happy christmas. We had a lovely time, and are fairly well fed!
    Did the last shop of this months money today, a few bits and bobs, some whoopsied mince in Tesco and [strike]some[/strike] lots of veg reduced to 10p in the Coop :).
    Freezer is full and we will hopefully not need any huge shops next month, although of course there are always things like milk, cat food, etc that always seem to run out!
    Looking forward to starying the new year wih a nice new budget and see you all in the Jan GC thread!
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • Hi. Please put me down for £100 for January 2009 GC.

    Take the first step.
    Even if you cannot see the whole staircase,
    Just take the first step.
    ~MLK, Jr~
  • septemberbluesseptemberblues Forumite
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    Hello everybody, I failed my December Grocery challenge miserably, I think I lost the plot pretty early on in the month!
    My January Grocery Challenge is going to be £60 please, and I will try much harder in January, washing machine is nearly dead and I need to have some cash to put towards a new one :p

    So happy new year everybody :beer:
    KEEP CALM AND keep taking the tablets :cool2:
  • Been lurking on this thread for a while now, think its about time i joined in proper please!! I have got absolutely no idea what i spend on groceries in a month so i really am plucking a figure out of thin air here but please can you put me down for £250 for january. That is for me, DH and DS. Complete guess as i said so should be an eye opener!! :rotfl:
    Make £10 a day challenge Oct : 0/310
    Oct Grocery Challenge 0/310
  • Mrs_Money_PennyMrs_Money_Penny Forumite
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    Hi All

    Hope everyone is having a good break.
    Congratulations searching me so pleased for you.

    MrsM could you put me down for £170 for January please. Completely went over budget in December.
    £45919.75/savings £47525.43
  • £200 for January please Mrs M

    Not going to declare just yet, but doing ok so far.
    Eat food, not edible food-like items. Mostly plants.
  • :j Congratulations Searching Me. Take it easy. Hope everything goes OK.
    Failed miserably this month, lots of extras. But will try harder.
    Mrs. M. Glad you are back from hospital hope you are now feeling well. Could you put me down for £120.00 for January.
    Also could you advise me on which diet you used to do so well with your weight loss. I am now desperate and so determined.:o
    Best wishes to everyone
    Debt free from April 2012:T:T:T:T:j:j:j:j
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