The 'complete this challenge' challenge...suitable for all!

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  • Been out shopping in the bitter cold and have bought all of my family Christmas cards for next year. I had to buy 10 altogether and paid the grand price of £2.56! There was a time that I would have spent that on 1 card let alone 10!!

    I also found a nice bit of wrapping paper for my friend's present for 29p and have got a Ted Baker gift set from Boots that was half price at £3.91. I don't know who that is for yet but can either give it to my sister or cousin for birthday or Christmas so it won't be wasted.

    However, I am now down by £8.10 on my money neutral goal so have to find a way to make that back again.

    So my January goals are:
    1. Answer 50 questions on AQA every weekday and 100 questions on Saturdays and Sundays. If I do this then I will get to £600 by the end of the month.
    2. Get £50 worth of Amazon vouchers on Dooyoo.
    3. Find a way to get back the £8.10 I've spent on presents/cards.
    4. List 20 items on Ebay (5 on each Sunday).
    5. Complete tax return.
    Emily x
  • Just a quickie, be back later to catch up properly, but quoting from my own diary...

    :j I've Just Done My Tax Return!!!:j
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    Yay!!!! Pandapaws - fantastic!! :D
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    I've managed to do my 1/2 hour of writing today. I really hope I keep this up!
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    I'll join :)

    Jan goals -

    Keep my Xmas temp role
    Get my savings to 1.5k
    Pay off £200 of wedding
    Ebay & Amazon - get rid of all this junk in my house!
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    My main one wont be finanical as I just signed up for my first 'proper' OU course towards the degree I want, so will be spending most of next year studying for it, with roughly an assignment a month from March to October, so firstly I want to sort myself out and get my assignments done on time!
    Second is to save enough to pay for next years planned OU course without putting it on my credit card/using my overdraft.
    And thirdly to make more of an effort to save money in general this year (already getting better at it with the £5 a month and Sealed Pot challenges).
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    Hiya everyone
    I found this thread last night and thought i'd put my challenges up but can't find them now so obviously didn't!! So my challenges are;

    - Decorate the children's bedrooms and make them nice places to be (borrowed this one from see78 - hope you don't mind!)
    - Research a 10 year fixed deal for the mortgage so that I know what i'm paying for the rest of the mortgage.
    - Start buying for christmas 2009 straight away and WRAP AS I BUY!!!
    - Don't buy any presents at full price
    - Write down all presents I buy and who they're for
    - Get a new bank account for when we leave the one account
    - Stick to the budget every month

    Think that's about it for me and i've started already. DS wanted to spend some christmas money on a wii game and asked me to look online as it's cheaper. There were a couple of half price games on there so i've got them for his birthday in January. I'd also bought too much stuff for christmas and instead of giving it them anyway i've kept some back for their birthdays so his is completely sorted now.

    Good luck everyone xx
  • Welcome to the challenge peeps, especially clayremonkey - welcome to the board!

    I'm so chuffed that I completed the first thing on my list, the tax return, and it's not even January yet. Especially as it's the only day DH & I have off together for ages and it was soooooo tempting to go out sales shopping but instead I've made £1600 of tax rebate. Woohoo!

    Got to go back and see what else was on my list as I hadn't planned on doing the first one so quickly, and hadn't planned on doing anything else until that one was done, so I'm a bit lost now.
  • Yeay for the tax return Panda - I have tidied the living room today, no decluttering or cleaning of it though yet - I didnt want to get ahead of myself - may go mad and clean the windowsill tonight as one of the little darlings has decided to draw on it in their new crayons! Think I need a rest now! x x
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    Pandapaws - i'm impressed at the tax return. This is the first time i've done mine early too, normally it's last minute and weighing a tonne on my shoulders. I'm not working for a couple of months so i'm going to complete my next tax return as far as I can before start work again. I'm going to add that to my list!!! Thanks for the idea xx
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