The 'complete this challenge' challenge...suitable for all!

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    you can join freecycle then post a list of what you haev to go. people will e mail you and ask if it is still avalible then you can e mail back and sort out for the other person to collect from you whenevery suits you. it is very easy
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  • First part of de-clutter done.... the toy box! All DSs prezzies have been opened, old toys removed and bagged for the charity shop, even put them into the car! In the process I hace realised that we have no proper storage for our stuff.... just a small corner unit over-flowing with stuff! So need to find a solution to that, preferably without spending any money.... will have to think on that one!
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  • Hi everyone

    Like others on here, I am terrible at challenges too. I join them and then my enthusiasm tends to fizzle out. Feels good that I am not the only one!!

    So my long term challenges to 2009 are:
    1. Earn enough on AQA to pay my rent every month (£550).
    2. Keep a spending diary every month.
    3. Keep my house looking clean and tidy at all times and try to make it more homely without spending money on it (freebies, Freecycle, competitions, gifts etc).
    4. Buy a week's worth of lunches every weekend so I stop spendng £2+ a day on sandwiches alone (maximum spend is £10 a week on drink, sandwiches and other food for work).
    5. Be money neutral on all gifts that I buy in 2009.
    6. List 5 items on Ebay every week as I have a lot of stuff around the house that I don't need and could use the money for other things.
    7. Before I buy anything, ask myself if I NEED it. Even if I do need it then I will try and find another way to get it cheaper or even for free first.
    8. Start entering free competitions on the web again to help with all my other tasks (if I win any!).
    9. Get £10 Amazon voucher a week on Dooyoo to put towards my money neutral gift challenge.
    10. Actually start to gather together some savings so that I can make F&Fs to the creditors on my DMP in the next couple of years.
    Those are all my challenges for 2009. I'll post a January list in the next couple of days when I work out what needs to be done. :D

    Emily x
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    I would like to join too if that's OK. Here goes with my challenges!

    1. Take part & complete every £10 a day challenge this year.
    2. Use the gym enough times to get my £37 a month's worth, so aiming to use enough that it costs less than £4 a time.
    3. Pay for our wedding without adding any more to our debts.
    4. Aim to get our debts down to between £27,500 & £25,000.
    5. Help more with housework & clean, clear, de-clutter one room a day, every day(apart from if we're on holiday of course)!
    6. Make a payment a day to debts
    Good luck all!!
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  • I'd like to join in too please!

    My challenges are:
    1. Tidy house @ all times, not just the weekend!
    2. Using up all food in house as much as possible and not overbuying
    3. Saving any loose change and using towards CC debt.

    That'll do for now!

    Good luck everyone!

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  • Eek Im number 13 on the challengers list - could that be a sign!!!

    Have worked out that to pay 500.00 off MBNA I need to pay 15.00 a day between now and Jan 31st, so have just transferred my forst 15.00 payment - only 485.00 to go.

    Heres my update so far :-

    Post on this thread at least once every 2 days to update! - have successfully managed to post every day since I joined up to this challenge erm yesterday! :rotfl:
    Pay 500.00 off MBNA card - transferred 15.00 - 485.00 to go
    Get my 2.5 stone award at SW (currently lost 2st 1lbs so 6lbs to go) - weigh in on Tuesday expect to have put most of the 2stone back on again :eek:
    Completely scrub and declutter living room (again!) inc couches and curtains - hmm more effort needed here methinks, living room is looking worse than yesterday!

    Hope everyone is managing better than me :rotfl: :D
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  • Well I have got my first gift of 2009. It's my friend's birthday in January (the only friend I buy for) and I have got her a Dove set in Boots which was half price (£7.34). However, I used £6 worth of Luncheon vouchers from Pinecone surveys so I paid a grand total of £1.34 when I usually spend around a tenner on her.

    I've already got a card that I can give her so it's only wrapping paper that I need to find. Will see how cheap I can get some ;) .

    I'm off to a Card Factory this afternoon and might buy all of my Christmas cards for next year too. I usually spend around £10 on all of my family ones but reckon that I can get that down to £5 if I'm lucky.

    I've started to write down what I spend and have to get back another way to be money neutral on the gift front. Might try to Ebay something to get the £1.34 back.

    Emily x
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    lol - this challenge has got me thinking and moving now - going to try to make the first mini payment to the b-card today and also begin the great declutter by ensuring all clothes are put away/in wash and the children's rooms are tidy to start with - will do Sophia's room first.

    Eek! :)
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  • Well I've managed to do something not on my list but was in my head - I now have all my Christmas cards for December 2009!!! Supermarket sales sucked me in and I'm glad!
    May Grocery Challenge £121.93/£200 :j
    June Grocery Challenge £48.69/£200
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    Got 2 big bags for the charity shops already now - nothing I could ebay really and still have a house that looks the same - I don't get it!! :)
    CCCS DMP:Feb 07
    Total:£[strike]37,016.47[/strike]£0 DEBT FREE FEB 14 :j
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