The 'complete this challenge' challenge...suitable for all!

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    sea, you can always join me in the chocolate eating one - it is quite tough, but well worth perservering with.......
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  • excellent idea! My own set challenge of 8000 failed last year - others managed but I didnt lol!! so mine is to keep to hypnos and rid myself of 10,000; no books or mags bought for 6 months (from now) and keep the grocery budget down to a reasonable level and stop rebelling against myself which is REALLY annoying!
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    lol, tucking into a box of chocs now - not drinking tonight so my choc craving is back! :)

    Ok, so one of my definites is to make the children's bedrooms a lot nicer - finish decorating, hang pics/posters, make it cosy.

    So 1. Children's bedrooms!

    Still working on the others :D
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  • yukkibear wrote: »
    Can I join in? I have a few challenges I have been thinking of setting myself this year. This thread might mean I actually do them!

    This thread WILL mean you actually do them :rotfl:
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    I'm a great one for reading a challenge and thinking...ooooh fab - I could do that....and then simply forgetting about it so this would be ideal for me.

    So my aims

    1. Try and negotiate a rent "decrease" (rents have gone down in the area) or move somewhere cheaper (would rather not move as we love the house)

    2. Pay at least £6k off the debt

    3. Learn to say "no" more often to people who seem to have money tree's at their disposal.

    4. Encourage DH to pass professional exam for the £1k bonus it pays.

    I'm sure there are more but those are the main "must do's".

    Oh and the eat choccy one.....considering we now are the proud owners of 4 large tins of sweets!!!
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  • I like this.... a definite kick yourself up your own b****m challenge,so.......
    In January, I will lose 8lbs (actually need to lose more, but hey ho, baby steps)
    I will find time to go Salsa'ing more.. this should help with the above.
    EVERY MONTH I will pay £1,666.oo off my CC's (this ties in with previous challenge of payoff £20K this year (thanks for nuttin' Hypno)
    Will make a concentrated effort to beat this goddam recession & push my business harder & get rid of old stock (here I come Ebay) & generally kick butt (OH's) to get it there.
    RIGHT (dusts off hands) just off to watch some more rubbish Boxing Day TV & make a dent in M&S Chocci Bicci's (whoops, first challenge already faltering)

    Love Suzi xx
  • Ooh please can I join too? Im rubbish at challenges. I need someone to chase me with a big stick too if I dont update for more than 2 days (ooh that can be my first challenge!) hee hee!

    January 2009

    Post on this thread at least once every 2 days to update!
    Pay 500.00 off MBNA card
    Get my 2.5 stone award at SW (currently lost 2st 1lbs so 6lbs to go)
    Completely scrub and declutter living room (again!) inc couches and curtains.

    Ill take the house one room at a time, the debt 500.00 at a time and the weight loss 1/2 stone at a time)

    Oh and I have been eating chocolate whilst typing this (back on the diet tomorrow so cramming as much in as I can now!) x x
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  • Okay I am another one who joins challenges, gives it her all for a month, then gets bored when that month is finished. So, I'm going to choose four challenges from the following areas: Home, Personal, Financial, health

    1. Home - to aim to declutter as much as possible by giving stuff away, throwing stuff away or selling. I aim to do this by 'sorting out' ten items per day. This can be big things, down to little things such as CDs that wont play anymore....hairbrushes.....face creams that I dont use any more etc...

    2. Personal - I have a pen pal whom I neglect terribly so I aim to write a minimum of twice a week to her every week.
    3. Financial - stop spending money on un-necessary items and pay as much as I can off me debts
    4. Health - to do 30 minutes exercise daily (0r 210 per week) and Wii fit will have to count as exercise too.
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  • I've just stuffed face with chocolate - I think there must be a connection between serial faffers and chocolate eating.

    Penguin, I'm with you on the 2 day update thing. Whenever I spend too much time away from here, I spend far too much money in other places. Is there any sort of automated system that we could sign up for? A bit like Flylady but not as irritating!
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    Pandapaws and Penguin - that is the exact reason I can't give up MSE - I know that if I have time away, I will slip into bad habits.

    I need MSE to keep me on the straight and narrow - I would hate to think where I would be if I had taken a few days off!
    Successful women can still have their feet on the ground. They just wear better shoes. (Maud Van de Venne)
    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (Neale Donald Walsch)
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