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Vegetarian Christmas alternative?

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  • Not sure if this site has been posted before but the Vegan Family website has great links and great recipies. There is a special section on christmas cooking for anyone wanting to make rather than buy.......

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  • pomcyclepomcycle Forumite
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    Vegetarian Haggis - it is absolutely gorgeous (and I am a confirmed carnivore) - and is also vegan and non-dairy. (does contain peanuts though). £2.99 from Waitrose - but other places stock them - made by MacSween of Scotland.

    I've served this at a Burn's night party and it went down well, less rich than normal haggis.
  • any veggies here? if so what are you having instead of turkey?

    i've got the choice between a few things, linda mccartney stuffed veggie roast, l.m. pie, couple of waitrose frozen things - wild rice and lentil bakes, brocolli and mushroom bakes, and also ambledown pies. i can decide later as these take about 30 mins in the oven!
  • A nut cutlet for me - if I'd have got my butt in gear sooner, I'd have made a nice white nut roast, but as it is I'm happy with the nut cutlet - will have it with sweet potatoes, parsnips, sprouts, carrots and sweetcorn, washed down with red wine. Yum and double yum!
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  • I am having the same as I have had for the last two Christmasses,a mushroom and cashew nut roast with ricotta and spinach sauce.It is from Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range and it is really nice.

    I am going to friends for Christmas Day,none of them are veggie so I shall take my nut roast with me and then have that with all the vegetables while they have the turkey :xmassmile
  • catkinscatkins Forumite
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    I've made a vegetable strudel. Normally have a nut roast but have become a bit bored with it. There are 5 veggies for Christmas dinner so thought it would be nice to have something different.

    I made one last week as a practice run and it was delicious!
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  • Oooh, Catkins, yes, strudels are lovely! Wish I'd thought of that - but I will definitely enjoy my choice anyway.
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  • JustamumJustamum Forumite
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    We are vegan (apart from the cheese the others eat :rolleyes:). I didn't have my recipes in order so I couldn't find anything to cook, so ended up buying a Redwoods Celebration roast - with extra Redwoods sausages and rashers!!! We'll be having loads and loads of roast potatoes and roast veggies.

    Veggie strudel sounds good - might try that next year :D

  • Hi to another vegan, Justamum :santa2: :wave: Have a lovely feast!
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  • thenanny2die4thenanny2die4 Forumite
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    Morning! Merry Christmas. :santa2: My first post on the OS forum although I've been lurking here for ages (big fan of Stardrops).

    Our Christmas meal was last night and I did the whole turkey thing for everyone else and I had all the trimmings to accompany a puff pastry base topped with anything that looked good in the fridge; pesto, mushrooms, courgette, yellow pepper, mozzarella, pine nuts and grated cheddar. It was scrummy. :D
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