Wolf Blass Yellow Label - £3.99 Morrisons

I hope this is the right place to post this, couldn't find it already posted - Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay is £3.99 in Morrisons, down from £8.98 - it's lovely wine and I have never seen it cheaper than £5.50, so hth. SS.


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    Fantastic price for a great wine. If only I lived anywhere near a Morrisons I would be chuffed to bits :(
    I wonder if Tesco will try to match them??
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  • I find that this Yellow Label gives me a terrible hangover, even after relatively small amounts. Great price though!
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    So annoying, I paid about £6 when Sainbury's had it on offer. It was a Christmas present so I could have waited!
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    Excellent price for an excellent wine. I am not a fan of Morrisons (too big and busy) but am prepared to battle the crowds for a few bottles at this price! Thanks!
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  • Gutted, inlaws went to morrsons yesterday, shouldve asked them to get a few as its an hours drive away. its 8.99 here (we have somerfield, co-op or threshers) and I usually buy a few for last minute xmas presents or to take with me to give a host. (I dont drink wine so I stick with Wolfblass knowing its usually a safe bet and most people comment how nice it is... maybe being polite lol)

    Threshers had 3 for 2 last year in xmas week, fingers crossed they do the same this year!
  • Isn't this wine included in Asda's 3 for £10 offer?

    Edit: Apologies, it's actually the Eaglehawk Cabernet Sauvignon that's in the 3 for £10 offer (the yellow label is £6 per bottle)

    Call me Carmine....

  • Went to Morrisons yesterday to get some bottles of this for Xmas but nothing left. After asking at the customer service it appears there has been a cockup and my nearest store (Leighton Buzzard) has been instructed to make available only 4 cases per day (24 bottles) :confused: so no wonder they had all gone.
    Ironically on the 8ft high advert in store it states "only 6 cases per customer", good ploy to get people into the store as I was suckered into doing a 20 mile round trip for nothing.
    A positive side to this being my liver will have a healthier xmas.:T
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    B&M bargains are selling the small bottles of this wine for 99p. I bought it for cooking but quickly discovered it's too nice to waste in a casserole!
  • possibly the best wine deal i've seen ever. Load's in my local (hatch end). They didn't have the bottles with their other half price 'deals' so obviously a deal aimed at those in the know.
  • Just noticed the date on the first post. Is this offer back on again does anyone know before I go zooming off to Morrisons and kicking off if its not on TIA
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