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Christmas breakfast-Ideas please

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  • My OH likes to have a special breakfast on Xmas day, he always has a Ham and we have Champagne and real coffee etc. I usually have croissants but fancy something different this year, I'm not keen on the ones you bake yourself and don't want to have to go looking for them in the shops on xmas eve. I was wondering how do you make croissants and danish pastries, is it just puff pastry? I have loads of apricot jam (from my cake!) so I was wondering if I could mak danish pastries, bearing in mind I don't want to spend too long doing it on the morning as the kids want to open their presents! What are you having and do you have any ideas for me? BTW I don't like fish so don't suggest smoked salmon!
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    Aldi do cans of the dough ready made that you just roll out and fill with what you fancy. Its in the refridgerated section. We've used it and the kids loved it, filled ours with chunks of choclate which went down beautifully when warm. If you dont fancy that I have a recipe somewhere which I can look out. I'm sure you could make the dough and keep in fridge till the morning
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    If you cook the Chritmas dinner, wouldn't it be nice if your OH made breakfast on Christmas morning? It saves you wondering what to have - pass the pressure onto him!
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    We have croissants, with HM jam and filter coffee - I want an appetite for lunch, and I'll have enough cooking later in the day :D

    I'll add this to the existing thread so that you can se other ideas ;)

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    a couple of chocolates sneaked in early on
    then salmon and champagne later
    my 8 yr old wants caviar :eek:
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    Poached eggs on toast probably (courtesy of DH) and most assuredly chocolate in some form or the other.

    This year the teens are cooking the Christmas Lunch so we are going to laze about on the sofa watching old films, eating biscuits and drinking tea YIPPEEEEEE!!!!

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    ooo i love christmas traditions!!! I am the BIGGEST kid about christmas - god help me when i actually have kiddies!! When at home christmas goes like this - stockings downstairs in the lounge, then breakfast, usually croissants, part baked bread, chocolatines and yummy cheese spreads and juices!!! then we would all shower and get dressed up and then head to nannys. then a cup of tea and a biscuit before pressies!! then lunch and more pressies!!

    this year is my 1st year with my OH and we are planning a special breakfast with bucks fizz before heading off to the inlaws for lunch!
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  • We have American Style Pancakes with maple syrup, scrammbled eggs, bacon, sausages. Also have croissants and pain au chocolat (SP) with bucks fizz and fresh organge juice for the ones who don't like bucks fizz. Although we do have this after all presents have been opened. I also lay the table with crackers as the kids love pulling them. Once its all over i relay the table for dinner with more crackers. Really looking forward to it this year as DS is 3 and this is the first christmas where he has really gotten into the whole santa idea. He walks down the street shouting Santas comming and telling his naughty older sister Santas watching.
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  • wow, you are all soooo good!! I usually put some buttered toast on a plate and we just grab it as we're opening pressies.
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    I was reading the whole thread but got halfway through page 2, realised when the thread started and was too shocked to read more!
    I was wondering if this would work in the slow cooker (humour me!)
    If I slung in a tin of beans, some sausages, bacon and WHOLE eggs in shells, overnight - would the eggs be boiled in the morning and would this make a breakfast?
    I'm so excited about xmas now, was in town shopping earlier and everyone is all cheerful and festive, must be infectious as I bounced the double pushchair home smiling my head off!
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
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