using 1899 & 18185 with ntl & onetel-confused!!

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hi i am on ntl but use a onetel box to have free evening and weekend calls,and use 1899 for daytime calls,and 18185 for 0870 or 0845 numbers if i can't find a geographocal number.
question is;
do i need to unplug the onetel box to use the 1899 access numbers or can i keep it in and willl it work the same.?
hope this isn't too confusing!!!!
well that was ruined by lending ex oh £2450 to move out!!!!!! now estimate 21st march 2006hoping to be debt free by end of feb 2006 - fingers crossed !!


  • You cant use an NTL phone line to dial short access codes like 1899.You can only access these providers via their freephone and 020 access numbers.You should be using the freephone access number,and it doesnt matter if you have box plugged in or not.Call will still be free.
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