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I am filling out my renewal forms for housing benefit and have a quick question. My parents give me a bit of money each month to go towards debts and transfer it straight into my bank account.

Last time it was not questioned. My question is would this count as income and be included in the amount to make deductions from or is it seperate as you can be given a certain amount of money each year tax free. If so I can have it paid directly off debts but it is easier for me to split it up and send it off to the places myself.

Nice to save.


  • I would think it would be classed as income, but it depends on how much your parents are giving you :confused: if its say £20 per month then you are allowed permitted work of £5 per week so it wont effect your benefits, but if its more then it will be classed as income and your benefits reduced.

    If the money is for debts may I suggest your parents pay them off direct so no money goes through you, its more legit that way :cool:
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    Im sure it would be counted as income. You are allowed to earn £5 pw whilst on Income Support (unless a single parent or disabled) and anything over that amount is counted as income/earnings and your IS will be adjusted accordingly. Im sure for every pound you recieve over what your allowed (£5) income support take off pound for pound. I would think HB & CTB will take this income into consideration.

    You will probably have to send in copy of your bank statements when you re-claim (we had too a few weeks back), so they may adjust your entitlement over the past period theyve paid you for IYSWIM.

    Are you on IS or tax credits.

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  • If your parents are paying the money to you then it is classed as income, but if they pay your bills directly then it's not counted ;)

    They will check your bank statements too!
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    If they are means tested benefits, any money they pay out could theoretically be deprivation of capital on their part.
    I no longer work in Council Tax Recovery but instead work as a specialist Council Tax paralegal assisting landlords and Council Tax payers with council tax disputes and valuation tribunals. My views are my own reading of the law and you should always check with the local authority in question.
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    Thanks for the replies :)
    Nice to save.
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    If you are on IS or JSA (iB), it doesn't matter as this is a passport benefit, i.e it doesn't matter if you only get 1p Income support you would still get full HB &CTB. If you not on IS or JAS (ib) it will be queried and be count as income. You could get your parents to pay the debts direct, and write a letter stating you will no longer be getting this money from them.
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