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Has anyone ordered from lightinthebox?

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  • There is a really long thread on the youandyourwedding forum where people have shared their experience of Light in the Box (mostly positive) and posted pictures of the dresses they recieved. The only catch is that lately a lot of them are being charged tax by customs (generally about £60 for 3 or 4 dresses). It'll probably be less for just one dress, but worth bearing in mind. Here is a link:
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  • Ordering anything from abroad (China or USA) incurrs tax charges in this country. Your looking at about 30% extra on top of the 'shop' charges, 12% customs duty and VAT which was 17.5 but may have gone down to 15% of the total value displayed on the import label on the package.
    It's easy to forget to add this charge when calculating prices!
  • this websieB2B Online Srore like lightinthebox ,but the price is low than them .

    Just check my reviews.

    If you are a ebay seller, I would like to say lightinthebox may be is business partner. For they offer really good thing.

    There are lots of such site targeting wholesale China product right now.
  • Avoid lightinthebox!! I know I seem to be the unluckiest person with dresses (apart from wedding dress!), but I've had lots of issues with LITB, I ordered my 3 bridesmaid dresses from them a month ago, requested them to be pink with a cream sash instead of white with a black sash as shown on their website, dresses arrived (delivery was very speedy but thats all I'd give them!), the dresses arrived pink with a black sash. I emailed them straight away to let them know their error, they have acknowledged this, however will not provide me with any solution but to send me the new sashes through. I have approached a few dress alteration companies (and a couple of self employed ladies), they are all quoting about £15-20 per dress to have the other sashes taken off (the dresses are lined and the sashes are sewn into the dress in several parts) and to have the new sashes sewn on. I have emailed them several times to request a partial refund as I cannot afford to pay for this to be done, but am met with the same reply every time-'we will just send you the sash, no refund'.
    To top that all off, one of the dresses is alot smaller than the size I ordered, does anyone know where I stand with this one? I have now requested a full refund as I am fed up with the whole thing, am hoping I'll get it as its their mistake, not mine but they're not making it easy :(
  • Anyone? Sorry to Hijack this thread!
  • What lightinthebox are actually doing is outright copying top designer dresses at very low cost prices. They are breaching copyright laws but being from China, they can get away with it. What I would ask myself is this. Am I financially that well off that I will pay for something to be made that I will not be able to try on until it arrives on my doorstep? Another is, am I willing to part with my valuable cash to a company I know very little about and who outrightly breach those copyright laws?
    Your wedding dress is the most important part of the day. You are going to be looking back on it in photos for years. Think carefully before parting with anything and try and arrange a personal visit before spending.
  • Will you stop trying to subvert threads by advertising your own companies!!!
    If we want to by flippin mobile phones, golf clubs and Chines brand watches (!!!!!!??) we wouldn't be here talking about wedding attire would we?
    GO AWAY!!!!
  • lindaatno9lindaatno9 Forumite
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    Hi superchild.
    I am a dressmaker and what concerns me is the quality of fabrics. Some are so thin underwear can be seen through, boning, the stuff that structures the gown, is poor quality that it buckles. (we have this conversation going on in my sewing forum) This does not mean ALL dresses ordered from abroad are poor quality, but without causing any offence, some people do not see the quality nor understand it. Some wouldn't know the difference between silk and synthetic. I wouldn't want to put anyone off at all but I would source your local dressmaker before spending out on something you haven't seen. And definately find out about sale and return. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more money and get quality.
    I guess you could think of it like this. If you buy a cheap toy and it says "made in Taiwan" inside, you know it isn't going to last."
  • lindaatno9 wrote: »
    Hi superchild.
    I am a dressmaker ...without causing any offence, some people do not see the quality nor understand it. Some wouldn't know the difference between silk and synthetic....
    I guess you could think of it like this. If you buy a cheap toy and it says "made in Taiwan" inside, you know it isn't going to last."

    I'm sure it is a bit of a gamble to pay for a dress without seeing it first, I'm hoping less of a gamble if you go to one of the more established, tried and tested sites (fingers crossed my own wont be terrible). However the fact is you can get a dress from one of these sites, made to your own measurements, for a fraction of the cost of buying it in the UK. If I get it and don't like it I can get it altered, or worst case I could go on to order another 5 x dresses from these sites for the same price as 1 uk dress. Its such a dramatic saving lots of people are willing to take a risk.

    I think I might be one of those people who might not 'understand' the quality and be unable to tell the difference between silk and synthetic - but if I don't know the difference, and it seems like good quality to me, then what do I care what its really made out of? I'm only going to be wearing it for 5 hours, after which it will never be worn again, I don't need it to 'last' any longer than that.

    I understand the message you are trying to get across, and that you are trying to promote your own UK industry, all three of my sisters had their dresses hand made by a wonderful local seamstress and they were beutiful - but please bear in mind this is a forum about money saving weddings, many brides here, including me, are trying to get married on a shoestring, and that can mean that there just isn't the budget for a £1,000 hand made dress, otherwise I would have gone to the same seamstress as my sisters, sites like Milly and Landy mean that I have chance to look fantastic on my wedding day for £150.
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