Am i going insane?.......

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  • Thanks everyone. Have now seen the psdoc today and he has put my quertipine up to 600mg and next week he is going to add in the mood stabiliser Larmotrigine. I have never had a mood stabaliser before so i have high hopes. I believe i would be intitled to the midle rate indefinately as that is what i had before and i would come under the critiea even at my best(cos my best is not that great). I would have it still now but i thought the goverment we looking for me and wanted to lock me up so put in a rubbish review to make them stop my dla but they just put it down to a rate which does not reflect my needs. Sorry i am rambling. It is such a mess. My daughter has gone to stay with my parents for the foreseeable furture and i am all alone.
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