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I currently have a mobility car (zafira). My car is due for renewal in May 09. I was thinking of purchasing the old car for my wife to use Anyone any idea who works out how much car can be bought for and how they work out a price.


  • it used to b tht the garage u changed ur car at sold tht car,,but now ive found out they all get taken to england and sold ,, dont know how to go about buying ur old car now just fone mobility and ask and c wot they say
  • I telephoned Motability for a price for buying my car at the end of the lease. It's a Renault Grand Scenic Dymanique 1.6. All they asked was the mileage (21,000) and told me the price to purchase was £4,950 which must be paid in full BEFORE the lease ends. I'm sure you must wait until 3 months before your lease ends before they will give you a price to purchase.

    Hope this helps
  • We're getting a new grand c4 picasso mobility car on Saturday as our 3 year lease on the previous car is up. We're paying just under 2k advance payment, so would like to probably purchase the car after the three years is up. Has anyone got any idea of how much this would be? The model is the 2.0 HDi Exclusive EGS 5dr, the list price is £22,795 and the target price is £19,825. Mileage will be about 20,000 miles. I know it's just a guestimate, but does anybody have a rough figure we could expect to pay?

    Many Thanks
  • Motability are probably the best people to ask as they will have already worked out what is going to be worth in 3 years time (this is all part of the calculations when they are setting the intial rentals)! They might even be able to give you the price u can purchase it for in 3 years.
  • Hi,

    Just to let you know they are discussing motability issues on the forum at Apparently they have got a chap you can ask about the Motability Scheme.
  • due to change my car in march,so got info in todat it says u can phone them up for a price of car and it has to b paid at least 7 days b 4 the contract ends hope this helps
  • It is best to follow your car to auction and buy it there, will save you a sizeable sum of what motability want to charge you, especially in today's depressed second hand car market.
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    We bought our car off Motability back in 2006.
    If i remember rightly they wanted the going rate so it wasn't really a bargain.
    It was all pretty straightforward and you get a years warranty with the car.
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    It is best to follow your car to auction and buy it there, will save you a sizeable sum of what motability want to charge you, especially in today's depressed second hand car market.

    From what the Motability sales guy told my mum when we were looking at her new Motability car, with cars that are returned to the dealer at the end of the contract, if the customer does not wish to purchase it, then the dealer can buy the car if they want to. If not, then they are put on some sort of Motabilty Dealer website where other Motability dealers can look and see if they want to buy the car.

    If no other dealer wants the car then it goes off to auction.

    A few people have told mum that if you can follow your old car to auction you are likely to pay less for it than to buy it direct from Motability.

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    As discussed here and elsewhere the mobility want book or above book value for the car. The best route is to ask the garage which auction you car will be sent to. You should be able to pick the car for a lot less. The drawback is that the auction might be miles away.
    Problem with having access to internet is that i get asked by many to solve their problems :( Well at least i learn something on the way :D
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