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  • OK, Hoping on a NSD. Only the £2.40 to get me to work
    re list yesterday,

    1. Try and meal plan December - work out xmas food budget
    2. Do quidco / pigsback etc
    3. Wash DS PE Kit for tomorrows lesson this has somehow gone missing
    4. Play a game of chess with DS - this could last hours :rotfl:
    5. Work out min repayments for December only

    So 2 out of 5 :o I will try harder today i usually have a bit of a tidy up on fridays so i dont have too much on a saturday.

    So new list :rotfl: i like lists!!

    1. December Meal Plan
    2. Find PE Kit - DS on strict instructions to find and bring home :mad:
    3. Get all school uniform stuff washed tonight & put towels in overnight
    4. Look at Dec budget - need about £200 for xmas
    5. Quidco etc - check if any pmts due for Dec
    6. Blitz kitchen & living room
    7. Check gas and elec prices - havent switched for a while now

    And get some work done at work!!! So am going to get off of here now!
  • Morning Angie!

    2 out of 5 isn't so bad!

    My list for last night.......

    1) Transfer my Egg card balance to something with a interest rate lower than 17.9% !! - Got 0% at Abbey!

    2) See if Egg would consider lowering my loan interest from the 7.86% it is at the moment (expiry date May 2011) but I did move my Egg money balance from 12.9% to 0%

    3) Work out how much money I have for the next week (I get paid weekly on a Frday) after I have paid Egg Money their usual £100-00 and an extra £45-00 to put me back under my limit with them. Started......

    4) Not be sooo mad at myself as I was last night when I realised things had got this far as I have never managed to manage my money!

    Every little helps - keep chip, chip, chipping away!!
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    I love a good plan - it may not work.... but I love a good plan!
  • Well done on getting your egg card transfered to a 0%!

    I didnt have a NSD - bought a can of red bull - i really need to stop drinking this stuff.

    Have drawn out the £50 for childminder today account stands at £494.73 o/d
    As long as i dont need to take out any money i will be fine and should have no charges.

    Have £30.25 paid on quidco so far, hoping a few more will get paid before the end of the month, that can go towards christmas.

    Having a problem at the moment with what to get DS for christmas though he wants a tv and or wii. And he is getting neither cause im evil and dont want him having a telly in his room and i hate computer games. So am at a loss :confused: Oh and if he cant have those he wants his own go kart :rotfl: they only start at £1300 + VAT so he isnt getting one of those either.
  • I was amazed with Abbey's 0%. I hadn't used the card for over a year. They had this 0% offer and also no matter what balance I have on it (they have increased my limit in the past 12 months as well!) I only need to pay them £25 a month!! Madness and I did have to call them back to double check that!!

    Christmas present for DS? If you have plenty of family or friends around who would usually buy him a pressie, you could get them to chip in for the Wii (I know I know!). 1 person could pay for the controllers, another one of the games you can get included in the packages now a days and so on until you pay the difference. And, if you have it in the lounge, it is amazing the time you can spend (together) on it and once you have it ...... its free entertainment! Just an idea!!
    start = Wed 19th Nov 2008 £21,225
    end = Mon 28th Sept 2015 DEBT FREE!
    I love a good plan - it may not work.... but I love a good plan!
  • Have had quite a good day, bank balance has changed - forgot about the £30 bank charge due to go out yesterday :mad: so that leaves the account at £533.11 i just hope i dont get charged too much.

    Had a good day in the kitchen too, made 2 loaves and twinks hobnobs while DS made butter! It turned out quite well. 1 loaf will get sliced and go in the freezer as well as some of the hobnobs for DS lunch next week. Have managed to meal plan for next week so the only thing we are likely to need is milk, there is 6 pints but sometimes it just goes :confused: i dont know where!

    Also went to tescos, spent more than i wanted too as always, but have just enough money left to get to work. Will have to take lunches in next week, and have only just remembered that i will need a travel card on Tuesday as DS has a hospital appointment at Guys. Have some silver in my jar that will cover that.

    Just about to do any daily clicks and search the web for xmas ideas for DS. And of course nose round here
  • Well, had a good weekend, last night was frezzing though! Doesnt help that i dont have a rad in my bedroom!

    Havent touched my bank account but somehow the account stands at £534.73. I know my basic salary will be £1300 and thats due to go in on Friday. So really need to start looking at December.

    Have bought a sarnie in for lunch today and instead of getting a red bull or coffee i just refilled the water bottle from Friday. Plus one of the drivers bought in a big box of cakes so have nabbed a huge carrot cake one!

    Started clearing DS room yesterday, cant beleive how any toys he had that we are getting rid of. Need to try and get onto freecycle, need a bookcase or something like that in there really. Oh and im iron died last night, id only done one shirt :mad:

    Not up to much today after work - was in at 7.45 today, extra hour pay. Just the usual dinner / wash up / baths etc. Will try and clear my bedroom floor though and hover.
  • Hope things are going well Angie, I have started my own diary as well.....Im finding its given me more motivation than ive had in the last 5 years!!!

    I will keep an eye out for your diary, and wish you a lot of success....x
    Total Debt at November 20th 2008(First day on M.S.E) - £40468.51
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks! I just need to do it daily i think and not get to far ahead of myself. And of course stop going mad whenever someone offers me credit!

    All the best to you too, of to find your diary!
  • Huge major mess up today, dropped DS off at the childminders, went to the train station, and realised id forgottenmy purse! So am back at home have a quick cuppa and catch up on here as the next train isnt until 9.07. I such an prat sometimes!
    DS has his hospital appointment today, so will only be in work for 2 hours, I will have to ask boss if i can have a days holiday today otherwise wages will be down for December.
    Am hoping the rest of the day goes a bit better. Will post up my budget for December later tonight, that will be fun! Still havent had any big ideas for DS pressie, decided agaist the wii as computer games seem to turn DS into a real bratt. He wants to see George Samson from BGT still or the x factor so might try and get him tickets for that its just not something that you can wrap up. Might buy him a new outfit and put the tickets in the pocket? Oh i dont know!!!! Anyway best get back to the train station and start the morning again!
  • Hi Angie!!

    Hope your day got better and all went well at the hospital?
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    I love a good plan - it may not work.... but I love a good plan!
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