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Fake Sky Digital Repair Plan Scam

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  • superscapersuperscaper Forumite
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    Tinaj wrote: »
    And Virgin Cola! I'm sorry to hear the rabbit lady did'nt do her homework properly before she made these illegal slanderous suggestions. You can go legal if you feel it has effected your business Becky.My friend went through a similar thing and sued the person for £15000 because he lost customers as a direct result of slanderous comments. It's a shame people are so quick to assume the worst now days.I hope you get this sorted soon. all the best with Digital Repair plan Ltd.

    Pity that you only came on here to post this legal threat instead of actually putting a little curteous effort into both reading the posts on this thread and looking up the legal terms you used. First you can't make slanderous accusations on an internet forum as it is written not spoken. :rolleyes: Secondly rabbit women said they were contacted and refused to go ahead with the transaction. What's accusatory in that? Maybe you should learn some legal basics and actually read what you're responding to before showing yourself up like this. Your legal knowledge is as poor as becky.o's. Strange that!
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  • trisontanatrisontana Forumite
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    becky.o wrote: »
    Thankyou Stevearizona and TinaJ for your moral support on this forum its a shame that others members on this site do not feel the same way. We offer the same service as any other warranty company would for any household appliance. I just thought I would let everyone know that sky themselves do not offer a warranty protection that is how they make their money by employing engineers and charging their customers a £65 call out charge and then repair and replacement fees on top to fix the equipment. Digital repair plan ltd. is a genuine legal company that take the worry off someone having to pay those charges, as a customer would pay us just over £4 a month for a warranty, I personally think that is a good and fair deal.

    It does look very suspicious that two people suddenly register on this board the praise this company. Could they be employees of said company?
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  • mpythonmpython Forumite
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    This is so bad its funny.

    A brand new company less than a week old (reg 17/11) has already had a complaint about it on MSE (20/11), then lo & behold the MD joins to 'defend' its working practices. When others object because its follows the same dubious sales approach as other companies which have been closed down, 2 newbies join and threaten £15,000 fines from their friends.

    Becky.0, have you worked in any of the companies closed down selling these very poor value repair plan products?
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  • PopeSockPopeSock Forumite
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    Here's the Watchdog videos, off youtube...

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Of particular interest is the part of the sales training for these companies where they are told by the sales trainer to scare the people they call into buying. And also the bit where another trainer says 'If she thinks I'm Sky, that's her problem.'
  • Becky.O
    Can you please tell me how you get the names and addresses of people who might require a warranty on their Sky box?
  • becky.o wrote: »
    Dear Mrs B. I am the managing director of xxxxx ltd it was myself that spoke to you and your husband on the 20/11/08 I would like to inform you and any forum members that we are a legal registered company that was that was recently formed on the 17/11/08 we are horrified that it is assumed we are the same company that has recently been on watchdog, our company registration number is 6750795 we would like anybody with any doubt to check this with the company house. We would like to remind that inaccurate accusations will cause serious damage to our company and employees.

    You need permission to post here as a representative of your company.

    The forum rules are very clear. I quote.

    "Company representatives are actively encouraged to post on the forum to provide good customer service to MoneySavers. They should not be using the opportunity to tout for business. We need to know in order to legitimise it. Where permission has been given for a company/person to specifically post there will be a note from the MSE Team. If someone has posted claiming to have been given permission but this has not been followed by a MSE team note please report it to [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]. "
  • Tinaj wrote: »
    I'm sorry to hear the rabbit lady did'nt do her homework properly before she made these illegal slanderous suggestions

    Can you please, using your knowledge of the legal system, point out where rabbit woman made any slanderous suggestions?:confused: Also, as you appear to be a legal professional, you should surely know that slander only refers to the spoken word.:rolleyes:
    We had this company phone up this evening, offering a 3 year plan for our sky box for £150, my husband was just about to give over our credit card details - fortunately stopped him in time.

    Yours and stevearizona's posts are so transparent, it is blindingly obvious that you are from the same company as becky.o. If you were so sure that your company were not intending to mislead people, you would not have to resort to this pretence.
  • BargainGaloreBargainGalore Forumite
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    Perhaps there call centre staff are so quiet they now going on to forums to protect there companies name.

    Is this the same company that twice was featured on watchdog for misleading its customers into thinking they are from sky?
  • TozerTozer Forumite
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    This thread is absolutely laughable.

    What complete idiots this company are making of themselves.
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