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Grrr - blue badge

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  • Hi I have a blue badge and yesterday my son decided to take me out shopping we found one disabled bay left.
    I opened my door to get out and standing by the side of me was a man in his seventies just glaring at me.:angry: I just looked him in the eye and said would you like to examine my blue badge, poor ds didn't know where to look.

    He assumed I was not disabled until he saw me walking.
    I do feel some people are so rude and assume everyone young is healthy.

    I am pleased that asda employ people who are illegally parked in these bays to fine them. Shame the other supermarkets don't follow suit.
    There's no excuse if you are eligible for a blue badge apply for one.
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    PinkJenn wrote: »
    I have to admit to sometimes parking in a Blue Badge bay even though I don't have one. I have very limited mobility and my DLA claim is going through at the moment. I've looked at the Council website to see what I have to do to claim one and it seems very strict. If you apply for a badge and you get turned down you cannot appeal.

    I applied for a blue badge because I can't walk far and have a long term condition. The Welsh regulations state:
    "you have a permanent and substantial disability which means you are unable to walk or have considerable difficulty in walking"

    There is a right of appeal according to the website.

    Details for Wales are here:

    I put plenty of detail about the way my RA affects my mobility onto my application form, and made sure my GP knew that I was applying as they asked for his details.
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  • To be honest it gets my goat.

    People thinking they can park in a clearly marked space that they arent actually entitled to is just wrong.

    Same applies for parking in parent and child spaces or even the double lines near the store.

    Most of the year supermarkets have substantial parking and the walk from the furthest point isnt that bad.

    I appreciate at 92 and ill mobility that there is a problem - so get a blue badge organised for these events and make it legit.

    Needing to park in a space isnt always simply about the closeness to the store.

    It can be about being able to open the door wide to get in and out or have assistance.

    It can be that these spaces are closest to the path - some disabled children need the safety of the path as they are unpredicatable.

    Having a blue badge is for a reason - its not just wanting the luxury of a space.

    People abusing it is selfish. What ever the reason they think it is justified its not.
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  • I love this.

    Ime 26 and have got cystic frybrosis. now i look normal to other people but its not wots on the out side, i get out of breath easy wen walkin around and my jionts swell up. any ways Ive got a bluebadge and i park in the disabled spaces, and wen i get out of my car and people see me they give me the most dirtyest look goin. i have even had a 30odd year old follow me into the supermarket once and gave me a row in frount of everyone for parkin in a space. and ive even had a row with a rugby player aswell, the security had to call the police to calm everything down. ime in my rite for parkin there. if there is someone more worth e.g ole people or disabled kidds and they really need the space then thats fair enugh. but i just think it funny the amount of looks i get all the time. hehehe
  • I have to say parent and child spaces annoy me as they eat in to spaces where you used to put disabled ones.

    They have clearly been invented to protect the supermarket from the small theoretical risk of litigation if a child was run over rather than by working out how easy it is for folks to cover the distance.
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    I don't think age entitles you but circumstances do.
    No, only a Blue Badge does.
    She may not have an offical blue badge
    = 'She doesn't have a Blue Badge'. At all.
    nanokitten wrote:
    playing devils advocate, if the gentleman in question has a blue badge but was carrying it with him (as I do) I think it would be reasonable to park there to collect him.
    No. It's only reasonable if there is a badge displayed in the car. It's what they're for. I can imagine a whole row of parked cars with no badges, all the drivers saying, "It's OK, he's got one with him!". How would that work?
  • those that have a blue badge - do you get THE LOOK

    anyone under 100 get it from other people. I love it.

    However I find myself looking at all the cars to see if they have their badge displayed then we have a tut and discussion about those that dont.

    I have MS and I am 37 - when my blue badge ran out recently I forgot to renew it so went 2-3 months without it which was difficult but I still obeyed the rules. I have gone out with friends and realised I have left it in the family car - annoying but I wouldnt just park.

    Sometimes I am dropped off as near as possible - safely not blocking the way and then they go and park normally.
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    I love the dirty looks that I get from people for parking in a disabled space. My Mum has a Blue Badge and I only use it if my Mum is with me. Her local Asda is in the town, Sometimes we might go to the town before Asda. I then go back to the car to drop the bags off while leaving my Mum sitting on a bench by the entrance. The amount of times that I've had dirty looks from people. It cracks me up!

    If I'm not with my Mum. I'll always park as far away from any other cars as I can. The amount of money I've spent on my car getting dents repairs is unbelievable

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    Wow looks like I've stirred up a hornets nest! I like a good debate though. I'm glad no-one said I shouldn't have challenged them.
    Unless I say otherwise 'you' means the general you not you specifically.
  • nanokitten wrote: »
    I have to say parent and child spaces annoy me as they eat in to spaces where you used to put disabled ones.

    They have clearly been invented to protect the supermarket from the small theoretical risk of litigation if a child was run over rather than by working out how easy it is for folks to cover the distance.

    Or maybe they have been invented, to make it possible to get a baby in a baby seat out of the car using the extra width.

    Also the fact that you can safely put the pushchair down the side of the car whilst putting baby & seat on to it without have to stand at the back of your car with cars dodging round you.
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