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I have lived in my house for 11 years.I have always been convinced that (according to the meter) we are using too much water.
Years ago Wesex water came out and tested the meter and said there was nothing wrong with it.However our bills are so steep compared to others.I did a very crude test of my own .I flushed the loo in my house and watched how much the meter went round,then i went to my neighbours house and we did the same thing.Her meter was slower!!.Same with my mum's(altough I think my mum is onto a winner,her's is sooooooooo slow!!)..
Who should I complain to regarding this as I think it is a waste of time going to Wessex water again-altho this was years ago that i first complained.
There are 3 of us in this 3 bed house.My sister has 5 in a 4 bed house and she uses less than me!!.(how can that be??).
Anybody got any useful ideas as to how to sneakily slow the meter down???.Feel free to PM me!!!00000002.gif
I want money..........that's what I want !!:j


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    Just a note; Do not tamper with your meter, it's illegal.

    Just because there are less of you in your family than your sister's doesn't mean anything.
    It may be all about how you use your water, maybe your sister uses it more efficiently? Possibly she has more water efficient appliances etc?

    I'd suggest contacting Wessex Water and asking them to visit and test your meter again (There may be a charge if they find it's working correctly)..

    Maybe you have a leak, have you checked the meter when you've fully turned off your water? A leak isn't just a burst pipe, you could have faulty fittings on pipework/appliances or maybe an outside tap could be running etc etc. I'd check and if you're still convinced the meter is faulty, give WW a call. :confused:
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    It can be perfectly normal for the meter to go faster on one system than another. All this shows is the rate of fill. Some will fill faster, and some slower. Also some systems will fill the header tank and this will then fill the cistern, providing a delay.

    If you want to check it, you need to see the total amount of water that flowed to fill it.

    It is illegal to tamper with the meter, but one perfectly legal method to reduce the meter reading is to use a "save a flush" bag or similar. See http://www.wessexwater.co.uk/waterefficiency/sub_home.aspx?id=360
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    silly check..... turn the water of at the stopcock, if the meter continues to go round, you have a leak between the meter and your stopcock, if this is the case, then i am afraid it falls in your lap to have it fixed (i think)
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  • Maybe you have more water going into your cistern than your neighbour does.
  • Take readings at different times throughout the day, particularly last thing at night and first thing in the morning, just to see where the largest amount of water is being used. My ex had a problem like this too, but he had a water softener and was convinced it was something to do with that. Don't know what the outcome of it was. We took continual readings throughout the day though and particularly in the morning and last thing at night etc.
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