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  • Would love to see photo of the outfit! Makes a change from those shirts!:rotfl:
  • ErrataErrata Forumite
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    Those who sup with the establishment...........clearly need the wardrobe to go with it.
    Hope it's an interesting gig, Martin, and wondering if you've been invited as a governor of the LSE or as owner and onlie begetter of MSE ?
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • During his time as Chancellor, I don't think Gordon Brown wore anything except a normal lounge suit at the Mansion House. I think he only gave way to the white tie when he became PM.
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    Dont' worry too much: don't most people just wear tails without the top hat these days? I hope you rent or buy quickly off ebay in true MSE fashion!

    He he

    PS If you Lady if busy then I would love to go as it's a very interesting subject! (am happy with b/f not muscling in or nowt!!!!!!!)

    He he he
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  • Hi Martin,
    I bought your book "The Money Diet" two weeks ago. And it was so useful. I never saved any money. I just spend it so much. But now I know how to do it and how can I save money.
  • Hi Martin :wave:

    How did the dinner go? Think you should post a photo! ;)

    Debbie. x
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    does anyone else have an image of martin with a tux like one worn by tom hanks in big in there head????

    nope just me i will get me coat
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    The pic is now in my newer blog about the evening....
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