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Economy 7

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    Sorry if this is a silly question.Never had economy10 before.Should my hot water tank be heating up during the day (ie now) when no hot water has been run?
    Also,just got estimated bill from powergen.Doubt if I`ll use that much by Christmas.What is the point of having the meter outside if they are not going to read it?
  • wagon_2wagon_2 Forumite
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    First Post, so here goes... :o

    On your Economy 7 water heater, you should have 2 switches; One is only for the Economy 7. The other switch can be switched on and off as desired if you need more hot water during the day, but if you have a large tank and a good tank insulation this should not be necessary
  • MattieTMattieT Forumite
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    If you're not on Economy 7 it doesn't matter when your boiler heats up (ie it's the same price if it's done at night or not).

    So there's actually no point in having a timer on. The boiler's own thermostat will regulate when it comes on, so you make sure that you always have hot water!
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